Friday, December 18, 2009


OKAY! I'VE PROLONGED THIS BUTTTTTTT... I'M BOUT TO DIP OFF THIS BLOGGING SHIT FOR AWHILE! Why some may ask? Because I'm dead bored with this shit. Just doing the same thing over & over. Celebs get boring after awhile you know. And other from blogging about celebs and their lives, I haven't gotten any inspiration from my own. I started my bloggy on one bored night back in March, now I'm giving it a rest on this BRICK ASS December night. I say i'm going on hiatus because who knows how bored I will be, and blow the dust off this shit, but no promises. I might pop up and blog some shit but don't expect me to OD. I DO appreciate all the love I've gotten these past (...counts) 9 months. That's a whole baby! Yall birthed son! Sighs, thanks guys, for even reading this crap. I'm gna leave some bloggies that are actually dope and that I read. Enjoy em! =*

Dea Pierre

The MOB Lifestyle

KlasSik BFG[dot]Com *updated daily*


Lipstick & Labels

FNF Magazine

Bye guys. =(

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Rihanna Bares It All... Again... *sideye*

I really tried to stop overloading my bloggy with this woman, but damn it, she got me again. Rihanna goes topless for the January issue of GQ magazine. Yum, yum, YUM! Did I say yum? I say this issue is a must-cop. The interview is type interesting. She's really just a round the Bajan way, good-girl-been-bad-ass girl!

Tuesday, December 8, 2009


If Barbie had a dance, I would do it. Anyways, HAPPY BIRTHDAY ONIKA MIRAJ! =)

The Unofficial Biography of Sean Combs...

I thought this was kinda dope. I mean, I know the guy's life story already. But hey, this is a cool way of telling it.

Eminem Covers Complex...

I had to post this. Do you peep this cover? Amazing. I love Complex magazine. They definitely always bring something new & different to the table. Oh yeah, Eminem is on it too. LOL! That's crazy for me to look at a mag cover & not look at WHO'S on it, but WHAT'S on it.


Like Fire & Ice? LMAO!

They'reeeee Baaaaaaaack!

All in Your Ear...

Let's start with the beautiful Sade. I don't have to say much about this woman, her music speaks for itself. She released her new single, "Soldier of Love", from her upcoming album with the same title (set to come out February 8th). I think the song is kinda dope. Tune in here.

Something new & fresh. As if Trey Songz video for "Invented Sex" wasn't enough to love this song, homie made a remix with Keri Hilson & Usher. It's a hawt little collabo. Nothing major, but it doesnt hurt the ears. Click here to listen.

Nicki Minaj x Complex

Ugh, YES! Just what I have been waiting for! Ms. "Pussy On Your Sideburn", Nicki Minaj, did a bomb ass photoshoot with Complex magazine. Everyone has been giving her a lot of slack, from making girls believe that they're Harajuku Barbies to her butt pads (do you know Beyonce wears butt pads in her "Video Phone" vid? Yeah. Pretty much). I say don't blame Nicki, blame the girls who think they can get away with Nicki's fuckery. Anyways, check out these hawt ass pics & the video below.

Idk about you. But those must be some magical butt pads. No tights on either? Blasphemy! -_-


Yay! So, Young Money's video for "Bedrock", premiered on 106 & Park today. I caught it right at Nicki Minaj's part. That's my baby boo, blonde wig & all. I thought the video was cute. Like a big ol slumber party. Drake was looking like a hunk as always. Weezy dreads were nice & long =). Tyga needs to gain weight but he still looked cute with his tiger pants (LOL). Young Money's album, We Are Young Money, comes out December 21.

This is the supposedly the official video for Trey Songz "One Love". If it is, I'm not mad.. AT ALL! I LOVE live performances. This was from an audi event back in May, & I guess they just made a little video outta it. The way he looks at the camera tho? Really gets me tight. However, Trey is suppose to be coming out with a video for his song "Yo Side of The Bed", and the video features Keri Hilson. Can't wait for that one! In the meantime, I'm gonna try to see if I can download this version of the song.

TRAILER TIME! Here is Chris Brown's album promo trailer for his 3rd studio album, Graffiti, which comes out today. I personally think it's trash (the album) but I'm gonna listen to it again. Give it another chance.

Here we have a video teaser from 50 Cent's "Do You Think About Me", which features former girlfriend, Vivica A. Fox. Well, this should be interesting. I'm gonna download the song now, it sounds good lol.

Friday, December 4, 2009


To the old ass God MC. IT'S HOVIE BABY! LOL