Friday, December 18, 2009


OKAY! I'VE PROLONGED THIS BUTTTTTTT... I'M BOUT TO DIP OFF THIS BLOGGING SHIT FOR AWHILE! Why some may ask? Because I'm dead bored with this shit. Just doing the same thing over & over. Celebs get boring after awhile you know. And other from blogging about celebs and their lives, I haven't gotten any inspiration from my own. I started my bloggy on one bored night back in March, now I'm giving it a rest on this BRICK ASS December night. I say i'm going on hiatus because who knows how bored I will be, and blow the dust off this shit, but no promises. I might pop up and blog some shit but don't expect me to OD. I DO appreciate all the love I've gotten these past (...counts) 9 months. That's a whole baby! Yall birthed son! Sighs, thanks guys, for even reading this crap. I'm gna leave some bloggies that are actually dope and that I read. Enjoy em! =*

Dea Pierre

The MOB Lifestyle

KlasSik BFG[dot]Com *updated daily*


Lipstick & Labels

FNF Magazine

Bye guys. =(

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