Sunday, May 31, 2009

What's Gonna Happen To These Commercials?

So, now that my beloved Lebron & the Cavs are out the playoffs and Kobe is bussin ass, what's gonna happen to these hilarious commercials? I'M GONNA POST THEM ON MY BLOG THAT'S WHAT!! BWHAHAHA! RIP Cavs, better luck next year. =/

Cutie of the Day:

Ooh La La! Why wouldn't Amerie be Cutie of the Day? She is gorgeous. Half Korean and half black, those type of babies always come out good LOL! Legs to die for, exotic look & talent (even though some people question her for that one), what more can you ask for? She has this innocent thing about her, but a silent sex appeal. Gosh, I love her! SHOUTOUTS TO AMERIE!

Blasting On My iTunes...

She may not look familiar to most, but she's ultra dope. Her name is Uffie. I found out about her back in 2007, when I always was Myspace music searching. I came across her song "First Love" and totally fell in love. It's off her EP, Suited and Looted. It's so catchy, and electro and cute (mad and's). I could never get tired of this song. Go listen! OK bye! lol

Good & Bad Hair...

I'm kind of a big Spike Lee fan. So, I think I've seen all his movies. Couple weeks back, I posted something about the difference of good & bad hair that aired on The Tyra Show (click here to check that out), which brought me to this scene of the movie, School Daze. The whole scene explains itself. Good hair vs. bad hair, lightskin vs. darkskin, the basic shit that most women hate another bitch for, which is sad. I personally don't care for it. My besties are BOTH darkskin AND lightskin. If you're pretty, you're pretty. Just cause you're lightskin doesn't make you AUTOMATICALLY pretty. And I HATE the saying "You're pretty for a darkskin girl". Like chocolate chicas can't be pretty unless they're a certain complexion? Some girls (and most guys) minds are messed up but hey, that's life. Anyway, enough of me rambling on. Watch the vid.

All in Your Ear...

Ryan Leslie is a beast like I once said. He's just too cool. He must have over 1,000 songs made, I SWEAR! However, it sucks he doesn't get the recognition he SHOULD get from the industry but... who really does, especially when you're good. Well, I got a new song from him, idk bout new but let's say "leaked". It's called "Something That I Like". I like it, and not just cause I like him. His lil rapping is aight, I think he's one of the few that can get away with it. Well my lovelies, take a listen and tell me what you think.

Friday, May 29, 2009

The Rat Pack 2009...

Today, Ocean's 7 Mixtape, Vol. 1 comes out. Idk why I like them. Prolly cuz it consists of Trey Songz & Johnta Austin AND Bryan-Michael Cox. And their episodes, Living The Life, are hilarious. If you don't understand the male point of view then you won't think its very funny. But chea, it comes out today, if you're interested in downloading, click here.

Random Picture Time!

(but that lil handshake was cute tho.)

Stadium Status?

4:23am. I see my boys Day26 have a new video for their second single, "Stadium Music". Now, I was expecting something cool, because "Imma Put It On Her" wasn't a bad video. However, this video is not up to par. They should've stayed with the black & white theme, made it look gritty, a unstable camera. But hey, they're on the death rap aka Bad Boy, what do you expect? Anyway check it out, & tell me what you think. =)

Late Night Giggles...

I saw this video like two years ago but it's still so funny. Will Ferrell is unbelievably funny. However, he owes some rent and his landlord aint' taking no shit. Check it out.

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Case of the Ex...

Kinda bummed that Kanye West & Amber Rose don't go out anymore. However, she's still HOT! What video chick/ex-stripper/ex-lesbo-turned-bi do you know that has paparazzi following shorty? Maybe that's the after effect of dating Kanye. Even though I never seen Brooke from Harlem Heights stank self anywhere after she dated him. BWAHAHA! Anyway, just wanted to post these pix cuz she's way hawt even with a loosey.


First new video issssssssssss (drumroll)... The-Dream featuring Kanye West "Walking On The Moon". At first, I wasn't too fond of this song but I guess it grew on me. The video is cool, real space-like, like it should be since niggas wanna walk on the moon. The girls in the vid, look lost but whatever, it's cool. The-Dream know damn well he can't see thru those glasses but whatever rocks his boat. Kanye really made this video for me.. and the song. Anyways, badabing-badaboom, here it is:

Next video is also featuring The-Dream but the headliner is Fabolous with "Throw It In The Bag". Now, I kinda like this song. Fabolous never disappoints. However, the video is kinda confusing. Like, shorty is stealing stuff or what? I thought this was a song of "HEY! THROW IT IN THE BAG! WE DON'T LOOK AT PRICE TAGS!". But hey, whatever its cool. FYI: The main shorty in the video, Claudia Jordan, is most def pushing 40. OWWW! Take a look guys!

Jonah... Jackson?

One of the funniest guys in Hollywood right now, Jonah Hill, covers the June/July issue of Complex magazine. Of course, most of you know him from playing Seth in Superbad. I love this guy so much. He's so chubby & cute, and those aquamarine eyes! Gee whiz. He's too effin hilarious! Peep the video below. That's hilarious in itself.

Birthday Teaser...

Jeremiah's "Birthday Sex" is a bonafied banger. I'm telling you, play that anywhere, the club, your bedroom, you're GOING to get it poppin, TRUST ME! So, here's a lil video teaser for the video. It's looking good from that 30 second view. Get excited.


I used to be a faithful watcher of Def Jam Poetry, every Friday night at 12 AM. Then it just never came back =(. Anywhoo, I wanna show you guys one of my favorite performances by Thea Monyee'. Her poem is called "Woman to Woman". Once you watch it you will see why it is one of my favs. Kinda reminds me of Betty Wright's song "Woman to Woman" (something which you young folks won't know anything about). However, I'll leave the song under the video. Enjoy! Oh yeah, tell me what you guys think.


Ran up on these pix of Teyana Taylor. I KINDA love this girl, not quite sure yet. We all first saw her on MTV's My Super Sweet 16, which I think her party was the coolest. She's signed to Pharrell's Star Trak (I think...) and some of us have been waiting on.. whatever she's suppose to be doing. Singing, rapping, modeling, I don't know yet. She mos def has star quality. I guess we have to be patient. =)

Chrissy Monster?...

Sighs. How I have missed Chris Brown and his Doublemint commercials. =/. I've been thinking bout dude lately, since I've always see him at the NBA games. I've also been thinking about him after that video of Charles Hamilton getting mollywopped by his ex-girl. Homegirl apologized and everything and it's all fine. Meanwhile, people are giving Chris about (what I truely think it was) a HUGE mistake. Can we say DOUBLE STANDARD? No offense to Rihanna but how we know she wasn't all in his face and ODing in the whip? Most guys don't like that shit. But whatever, I wasn't there. I really don't think he's a new Ike Turner. Ever wondered what happened in his household BEFORE he was "Chris Brown"? Anyway, enough with the serious stuff. Chris himself said he got a new album coming out called Graffiti, been heard that since last year but I guess it was put on hold. New music and everything coming so yayy! Can't wait. Here's a vid he recently made.

Drake @ SOB's...

Actor/Rapper Drake performed at Hot 97's SOB last night. From what I heard it was good. Rappers like Kanye West, Bun B and newcomer like Drake, Big Sean, made an appearance to see the kid. This guy is type amazing. He has gotten a lot of dickriders in a matter of months, even tho he's been rappin since like 06. He IS the biggest buzz in music right now and he's not even signed.. I think.. but you get my drift. New Generation Jay-Z? Maybe.

Why Are You So Paranoid?

So, I had peeped this video like last week, the video phone version. I could tell from the low quality it wud be hawt. So, here's the OFFICIAL video version Kanye West's new single (I think..) "Paranoid" featuring Rihanna. She's not featured in the song but she's all up in the video. Kanye's video are always creative & hot. This one is pretty awesome. Riri looks great as usual. Ah man, just go look.

UPDATE: I guess Kanye isn't pleased with people leaking his shit, or how the video came out. Click on the pic to see it bigger.

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Hunk of the Day...

Every girl loves a bad guy... or at least one who looks bad. Travis McCoy is the frontman of Gym Class Heroes. Unlike most, I didn't first see him when "Cupid's Chokehold" came out. I peeped "Friend Request" on Youtube and kinda fell in awe. He is too adorable! He has a boy-ishly cute innocent look then he's all tatted up & pierced & rugged looking, SCRUMPTIOUS! Then, he's bi-racial, so he has that "I'm confused" factor that all mixed kids have LOL! Now, i'm not here to talk about if he did his ex, Katy Perry, dirt or not, that's not the issue. But this guy is ooberly hawt! Yum Yum Yum! Viva La Travis!

Ms. Pretty Ricky...

So, Spectacular from Pretty Ricky decided to challenged some of the fellas in the game for a grinding contest. PAUSE THAT CONCEPT! Anyway, he calls outs Bow Wow, Chris Brown, even my dream guy Trey Songz. I knew this group was SUS from the beginning. Anyway, this video was embarrassing, hilarious, and disgusting all in one. He just answered all the gay questions. So, i'm gonna post the SUS ASS video, then a response video. Oh man, VIEWER DISCRETION IS ADVISED.. DEADASS! Fellas, don't watch this lol.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009


So, we in the year 2001 in this post. That year had to be my favorite year for rap. Also, in 2001, we had newcomer, Shyne. He was from Brooklyn and was signed to Bad Boy, kinda like the new age Biggie. We all know what happened to dude, BUT it's not about that. "Bonnie & Shyne" had to be one of my favorite songs, it STILL is. Barrington Levy makes it even better. The beat, the concept, the video.. SMH. It was like perfect. I had to be like 12 when this came out. Shyne was mos def a hottie to me back in the day. I was into the cute hood babies at my tender age so he was like a dream come true! However, the video really got me, really NY-esque. Taking the bus with ya boo, fitted low, Timberland boots, MAN O MAN I LOVED THAT VIDEO! Sigh, sucha good song. With no further due, here's the video.

Random Picture Time!

I'm mos def gna invest in one. Smh. It's gonna be a wrap.

All in Your Ear...

According to the industry, she has the best legs in the game... Until Rihanna came along but that's not the point. Amerie has been kinda MIA for a bit. Her last album, Because I Love It, came out in 2006 and it was kinda =/. However, she's back again. Her new single is "Why R U?", featured to appear on her 4th album, In Love & War. I heard the song on Hot 97. I was kinda excited to hear from her, because as far as I'm concerned, she can sing LOL. I love the feel of the song, real summery. You can right away tell it's Amerie song, she kinda has her own stamp. Check it out and tell me what you guys think!

Oh, Nastay!

These has to be the best commercials this year! I want these two to make it so bad to the finals. Gosh, darn. Here's another good laugh.

Hoe Into A Housewife?.. Ehh..

=(. So, I heard the fab couple, Kanye West & Amber Rose, are finito. Matter fact, word is they been done for a lil bit. Why you may ask? Well, supposedly while Kanye was hard at work, you know making beats for Jay-Z, Rihanna and things of that matter, shorty was tryna sneak out with another rapper, Cassidy (downgrade ma). Plus, to add insult to injury, since the world has known her name, pics of her "old" lesbian ways and maybe current bi-sexual ways wasn't not helping her. So, once Kanye heard that she was downgrading, he dipped. These two were hawt together, I mos def loved them together but maybe Yeezy needs a classier chick. And Cassidy, Amber? Out of all people. She's denying it but I don't think Kanye would've dead those cheeks for no GOOD reason.

Max-DOES IT-Well...

The man IS back. Maxwell is coming out with a new album. The album, BLACK, is the first of his trilogy, obviously the other two being SUMMER & NIGHT. Hmph. Type different but i''m with it. I love the cover. Real simple. And it don't hurt that the man STILL looks good, even better than before. Strictly grown folks music, so kiddies, go turn ur "swag" on somewhere else. =)

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Late Night Giggles...

Now yall know, back in the day, Comic View was MAD FUNNY! And one of my favorite guys from that show was Rickey Smiley. Smh omg, the man is hilarious. So, while I'm late night surfing the web, I came across this video. It was so funny, I HAD to blog about it. Just watch it!


Yo, these puppet Kobe Bryant and Lebron James commercials are hilarious! They keep me sane if the game aint looking good. They are too funny! Check out the latest one.

Thursday, May 21, 2009

All in Your Ear...

I LOVE Santogold. I first heard her in 2007. She was weird and I liked that. She wasn't dressed sexy, it was a "like it or leave it" style. She's ultra dope. However, most of you might know her for being featured on Jay-Z's "Brooklyn (We Go Hard)", which was sampled from her song "Shove It" if you didn't know. I'm so pleased to bring you her new song that I love so much, "Your Voice". I'm a big fan of old school reggae and this just gives me an eargasm. WEST INDIES TO DI WORRRRRRLD! Anyway, this can never get old. Tell me what you think about it! =)


This man is just hilarious to me. My dream guy, Trey Songz, talks about a bad sexual experience. Kinda funny. Check it out.

12 Million Sold!

Little Miss Sunshine turned Good Girl Gone Bad, Rihanna, attended the Def Jam Spring Collection Party in NY last night. LA Reid honored her with a plaque for selling 12 million albums since being signed with Def Jam. It was just FOUR years ago (yes, four) that the Bajan princess dancehall-ed her way to America with her hit, "Pon De Replay". Now, even after a bad public altercation with Chris Brown, nude flix leaked and the whole works, this chick is STILL on top! It's so good to see her happy!

Redman kinda hype to see Riri... must've peeped them flicks...
Does she know that Jeremiah's "Birthday Sex" was playing in the background of a video while her nudies were on display? Prolly not.

Big Ego..?

Once again, one of the greatest singer/performers of today, Beyonce, released her new video "Ego" today on her official website. As always she delivered. You check her booty? Here's another video for all ladies of the world to memorize (including ME!).

Happy 25th!

It's been 25 years since the first episode of The Cosby Show aired. Yes, older than most of us. Now, this was a GOOD show that represented us well. Dad was a doctor, Mom was a lawyer and all the kids went to college. Especially in the 80s, it was good to show America that NOT all black people were crack poor. Gotta respect Bill Cosby for showing the world that. Nowadays, it's hard to find a black show that's even actually good (RIP The Game). And even when the show was done, you never heard anything bad about any of the kids. I mean, Lisa Bonet maybe, but every show is entitled a rebel right? So, in honor of this fantastic show, I wanna post up one of my favorite scene. Real family felt! =)

Break-Ups & Drake-Ups...

Well, as all of you know, one of the coolest couples are getting a divorce but from what I hear it's gettin kinda dirty on those divorce grounds from Nas & Kelis.

"Nas, one of the biggest and richest rappers around, does not want to pay his estranged, pregnant wife Kelis, a penny in spousal support.

Kelis filed for divorce April 30. She’s weeks from giving birth and unable to work, but no matter to Nas — he’s filed his response to the divorce, asking the judge to deny her the spousal support she’s seeking. For bad measure, he also wants her to pay her own lawyer’s fees.

Nas and Kelis both want joint custody of their unborn child.

Kelis cites “irreconcilable differences” for the divorce, but we’re told she believes he was cheating on her and that’s what buzz-killed the marriage."

=/ See? Im saying tho. Why does Nas have to pay for shorty's legal fees AND spousal support? Why wasn't she tryna get her paper up this whole time they were married? I don't get why she wasn't making her gwap but whatever. This is gonna end ugly.

(Laughs) I've been hearing about this rumor all day. Supposedly, one of the biggest pop stars in the world, Rihanna, and the biggest buzz in hip-hop right now, Drake, got a thaaaang goin onnn. She was drinking whiskey and apple juice and making out with him all night, says a spy. They were really cute together. HA! Idk, bout this one guys. I mean, it's a good look for both, Riri gets him more exposure than he's gettin right now (which is already huge), and Drake washes the career bruises Chris Brown left on her. I guess it works all out right? But I wanna see some HARDCORE proof. I didn't believe Rihanna & Chris till I seen em in KFC. So, maybe these two should go to Popeye's. I ain't believin the hype until further notice.

Artist Highlight: Electrik Red

Lets talk about these back-up dancers turned girl group, Electrik Red. At first, I was like "WTF? WHAT'S GOIN ON? MUSIC VIDEOS NOT ENOUGH?". But immediately after I was hatin on them, I started to actually like them AND their music. If you didn't know, they're signed to Radio Killa, by The-Dream. They remind me of a 2009 version of Vanity 6. If you don't know who Vanity 6 is, do your research kiddies (that throwback post soon come tho!). Anyway, they're kinda raunchy, cursing here & there, an IDGAF attitude, but sexy, pretty girl nonetheless. The-Dream could be a weird up-to-date Prince. He gets his sound down packed very well. Anywhoo, I kinda like these girls. Their songs are kinda poppin like "We Fuck You", "Drink In My Cup", "Glamour Girl" and the single featuring Lil Wayne, "So Good (Remix)". I love their bad ass attitude. You guys should take a listen if you like the sounds of Prince, Vanity 6, The-Dream, pop-rock-funk-crunk type stuff. And with that said, I got a new song from them. It's called "Go Shawty". It's a real sexy song. Dirty talk & all, just what I like! Tell me what you think. How To Be A Lady Vol. 1 hits stores May 26th.