Tuesday, May 19, 2009

The Frankie & Neffe Show...?

I've been wondering if Keyshia Cole was gonna have another season of her reality show The Way It Is. However, I'm here to confirm that her loud-mouthed but strong willed sister, Neffe, and her crazy ex-crackhead mother, Frankie, will have a show of their OWN! Yup, no typo there. I don't even watch BET like that, but honestly, i'm hella excited for this show. I really love these two. I love Keyshia too but lets be honest, she didn't really make the show. Last season was really freakin funny. I think this is like the realist reality show out there, sue me LOL! They just wrapped up taping. Frankie & Neffe will debut August 18th on BET. CAN'T WAIT!! MAN DOWN!! CODE 10!!

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