Friday, May 8, 2009

Naked Lighties...

So, I guess celebs were feeling real hot this week and decided to let it all hang out. Whatever. This week, two HAWT celebs nakey photos got leaked (or "leaked") into the internet. I decided not to post them because that's what google is for :). First candidate: Cassie. This was obviously before her 1/3 buzz cut, supposedly taken around Nov/Dec. Her pics showcased her 12-year-old tits, how cutely they were pierced and that porn-inspired spread eagle position showing another piercing. My Twitter and probably everyone else's was going OFF! Cassie stated that it's just tits. Which I agree, and also the fact that everyone is going gaga over some pierced tits is irritating... like yall neva seen some before, get over it! LOL! I personally think that they weren't just "leaked". Publicity stunt?... Maybe. Cuz it just so happened that the vagina pic got leaked LATER ON. Yea yea yea... Well, hey. Diddy's biddie gotta get some love, too.

Now, to my favorite: Rihanna. I was excited to see these. I was hearing they were supposed to be leaked SOMETIME soon but I thought they were neva gna surface. Then BOOM! It hit me. SHOUTOUTS TO FOR THOSE PICS THO! So, yea, these were more tasteful. Got a nice booty shot going, another pierced nipple (but we expected that from her), a grip on the booty, bathroom mirror shot, nothing drastic & spread eagle like Cassie. My Twitter is shut down at this moment, maintenance but when it comes back on, OH IT'S GNA POP OFF! Good Girl Gone Bad indeed.

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