Tuesday, May 26, 2009


So, we in the year 2001 in this post. That year had to be my favorite year for rap. Also, in 2001, we had newcomer, Shyne. He was from Brooklyn and was signed to Bad Boy, kinda like the new age Biggie. We all know what happened to dude, BUT it's not about that. "Bonnie & Shyne" had to be one of my favorite songs, it STILL is. Barrington Levy makes it even better. The beat, the concept, the video.. SMH. It was like perfect. I had to be like 12 when this came out. Shyne was mos def a hottie to me back in the day. I was into the cute hood babies at my tender age so he was like a dream come true! However, the video really got me, really NY-esque. Taking the bus with ya boo, fitted low, Timberland boots, MAN O MAN I LOVED THAT VIDEO! Sigh, sucha good song. With no further due, here's the video.

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