Wednesday, April 29, 2009

All In Ya Ear...

Usually people my age don't know shit about good music. So, for those poor souls, I'm here to present some. I've been patiently waiting for Maxwell to come back. He definitely makes that feel good grown folks music. Here's his new song entitled "Pretty Wings". It's so smooth! It's off his upcoming album, Black, which is due to come out in July. Open your ears youngn's. Click here to listen. DON'T SLEEP!


Just can't get enough of this woman! Anyway, here Beyonce is lookin like a Soho child, shopping in Vienna, Austria. I love the look. I mos def love them YSL shoes she has. I first seen them on Ciara and it was just like "OK.. Interesting.". And then to top it off with that hat, ugh! Love it!


Tuesday, April 28, 2009


Hate to leave you guys but I'm North Carolina bound tomorrow. Family duties. IDK when I'm gonna blog again, maybe when I'm down there or when I come back, which is like in two weeks =/. Don't miss me too much, I'll try to keep you guys updated. But on the up-side, I'm gonna see this lovely bundle of joy everyday:
My cute ass nephew! I'm in for trouble! LOL! L8r guys! =*

Gaga for Gaga...

So, I ran across some pics of Lady Gaga. Now, we know she's some kind of different but I like it. Her music is dumb funky, I can fucks with her. Her fashion sense is also outta this world. When I saw these, I was definitely drawn to her lips. For some reason, I was like "WHOA! HOW COOL!". I just wanted to post these up to share with my readers. =] Tell me what you think!

Cartoon Revival!

So, i'm kinda a big kid and sometimes I wanna watch cartoons. However, the cartoons arent the same like how they used to be back in the day. I'm not even gonna name the bomb ass cartoons that was on when I was a young'n, too much to name.. BUT! I will make one exception. The Marvelous Misadventures of Flapjack! This is thee funniest cartoon on Cartoon Network. I'm surprised I even watch it because it's not even on Adult Swim, it's a regular ol kids cartoon, which is great. This cartoon will brighten up ur day DEADASS! I was put on by a Flapjack & Cap'n K'Nuckles of my own, Bobby & Slinky. LOVE THOSE GUYS! Anywhoo, I just wanted to blog about this cartoon, it rawks! =*

PS. The homeskillet, Bobby, has a blog of his own. Check it out. Click here.

Put Yourself In O's Shoes...

So, I've heard that Omarion is coming out with a new sneaker line. o_O Kinda dunno what to think of this. Here are a couple shots of em. I really don't know anything else bout this. Good luck, I guess but... can we get some good music from a eggplant head self? No offense.. Please? =] Thanx. Anyways, tell em what you guys think!

The Fastest Drinker...

I just thought this was really entertaining.. and funny. These Asians do everything fast, math, eating hotdogs, EVERYTHING! Let's just adding drinking water to the list. What the funny part is how dramatic they are about it. The dramatic music comes on and all you hear is a whispering chink. PHA! Too funny.

Monday, April 27, 2009

Cutie of the Day:

Here's a slept-on cutie. Zoe Kravitz is the daughter of Lenny Kravitz & Lisa Bonet. Clearly, her parents are type rebels & fashionistas in their own right so the combination of both popped out a SHORTY! She mos def gorgeous. She looks quiet & humble yet looks like she can beat your ass & smack you with a bag of vomit. Shoutouts 2 her!

All in Your Ear...

Diddy, Diddy, Diddy. When this guy told us that he wouldn't stop, homie wasn't lying. Now, let's talk about him musically. Back in the day, Bad Boy used to be the label to be on, & when he was known as Puff, he was the go to guy for music. Then, that just all fell off. And idk who told him to rap (I actually do know, it was Big) but this guy has gotten away with rapping. So, here's the new song I've been FEENING for "Diddy Bop" featuring Yung Joc. This song is type hot. Makes me wanna have Ciroc & Lemonade. I also wna master this "Diddy Bop" dance. I mean, no one can do it like him, he's hilarious. Anyway, check the song.

Saturday, April 25, 2009

I'm Lazy....

I am kinda lazy to sit down in the house & blog. It's a beautiful day in BROOKLYN! I'm tryna see some joints, lil bit of eye candy, that's always fun. But i'll prolly blog 2moro guys. Muah! Thanx for the check-up. =]

Yours truely,
Ren Jones.

Friday, April 24, 2009

Danity Kat Fight!

PHA! The part II Season Finale of Making The Band 4 aired last night and MAN OH MAN, talk about retardation! So, this is what basically went down. Day26 did mediocre performances, blahh nobody really cared, still loved them tho. Poor Donny got pushed under the rug, AS USUAL. What everybody really wanted to see is how the Danity Kane saga would go. So, the girls come out, well, 4 of them, Aundrea wasnt there =/. Dawn showcased her new hair (O.O), D. Woods would not shut up, Shannon was cute & quiet. Idk, they all started talking and it seems like they really dont like each other. Ugh, fucking females. What really got me tight was Aubrey blow-up doll looking self. All Sway wanted to do was ask shorty a question and she had to make herself seen & extra. Yuck! She deadass called Que the president of her fan club in front of Dawn, she's a thug. Talk about tension. D. Woods all of a sudden sat between Dawn & Aubrey. YUP, it was that deep. However, Dawn shut Aubrey & D. Woods down when Aubrey pointed out that D. Woods was the only one who came to her broadway shows, but Dawn said only "fans" pay for a ticket. LMAOOO!! Yikes! This whole thing was like a bad soapopera, a whole lotta female bitchassness. The cattyness is thru the roof with these girls. DO NOT expect another reunion but expect failed solo albums. Let's see how far Day26 goes. Sad, sad, sad.

PS. Diddy was the most entertaining the whole night, bout to download that "Diddy Bop". HAHA!

All in Your Ear...

Where the hell did this guy go? Seem like he got acquitted and just dipped! You wud think he'd be beasting on tracks since her got that off his back. Well anyway, I heard this new song by R. Kelly called "Take It To The Hotel". I don't think it's finished cuz it only has one verse and the chorus jus plays on but I LIKE IT SO FAR! Just thought you guys would take a listen, too. Check it!

MY TWO FAVORITE PEOPLE IN THE RAP GAME RIGHT NOW!! Drake is DEADASS blowing up right now & who DON'T know who Nicki Minaj is? Anyways, I was tweeting yesterday (, my shit was poppin off and I kept seeing everyone tweeting about the "Best I Ever Had (Remix)" with Nicki on it. You know I had to get up on that. As much as i'm tired of the song itself cuz everyone wanna hop on Drake mad hard, I got a new found love for it now cuz Nicki put the female input so lovely. Go listen. Also, my shorty got a new mixtape out, Beam Me Up, Scotty. You should go cop that!

Obsessed with Beyonce...

Yay! Beyonce has been all over the place, including my blog! She's been on Access Hollywood, The Today Show & Late Night with David Letterman. Promo takes hard work! SO, anyway, here she is at the Obsessed premiere in NYC =]. She looked gorgeous! I love her dress. Word is that there was "tension" between her & her co-star, Idris Elba, and how he wasn't even suppose to show up & something having to deal with Daddy Knowles but I don't believe it. Beyonce is sucha sweetheart, I don't think she would even make it that obvious LMAO! Peep the pics.


Quite Amazing...

So, idk how long back I posted some stills to Kanye West's video "Amazing" featuring Young Jeezy but the ACTUAL video is finally here. I like it, nothing big. Pretty simple yet artistic. I know Kanye was premiering the video yesterday on 106 & Park but... I changed the channel for some reason. All these shots are from the Oahu Island and of course, Hype Williams directed it. Check it out!

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Day26 Do's & Dont's...

So, um, i stumbled on this video today of Day26 talking about some nasty freaky shit! LMAO, honestly, I love it. Niggas be fronting hardbody STILL! Dudes just got used to the fact of "Yeah, 9/10 of us eat pusssy!". So, for them to go beyond that is just entertaining! Willie is just HILARIOUS thruout the whole video. Just watch & learn a thing or two. PHA!

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

WTF Moment...

I told yall I was gonna keep it coming. I'm not a hater at all, I love MOST celebs but sometimes its like gee whiz, do you own a mirror? They just give me reason to do it. So, no hate here, Ren Jones just speaks her mind. Don't like it? D I P !

Ray J & Lil Kim

WTF: KIMMY! Cmon son! Dats NOT how we rock in BKLYN!! I don't blame you, I blame Ray for not telling you that ur MAAAAAAAD discolored! The cat look isn't for you hunny. FIX IT! =/

PS. That pic was recent. The End. =]


DEADASS THO?? NIGGAS ACTUALLY PAID ATTENTION TO THIS SHIT & POSSIBLY THOUGHT IT WAS REAL?? -_- Gimme a fuckin break. No matter how much you hate Beyonce, YOU KNOW she can sing. Um, DUH! The fact people are feeding into this is kinda funny tho. I'm not gonna front, it sounds hilarious, but as a devoted fan, I KNOW its not her. I studied this chicks voice like it was a final I was taking tomorrow. You can hear HER REAL VOICE in the background. AND that off-key shit doesnt even sound like her. Try me, I got good ears. Sorry, I had to go in cuz um... YALL KNOW SHE CAN SING! LMAO! K, toodles. =]

Random Picture Time!

It's a bird..

It's a plane..


PS. That "I Am" Tour is wild crazy good!

Double Trouble...

Snoop Dogg now has his own wax figure in Madame Tussauds at Venetian Resort Casino in Las Vegas. He unveiled it Monday night. This one is really GOOD! Looks just like him, kinda creepy in a cool way. Check the pic below for a better view.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

The Beautiful Ones...

Ahhhh! Black love is so beautiful! The gorgeous couple, Eva Pigford & Lance Gross, made a red carpet appearance at The Soloist premiere. I love these two. A great chocolate & caramel combo. Am I the only one who wants to see wedding pics already? Hurry up & jump the broom guys! Check the last pic of Lance admiring his future wife. TOO CUTE!


Hunk of the Day...

It took me awhile to figure out who was gonna be my Hunk of the Day. That's why it took me so long! But ladies I found that guy. He was right under my nose the whole time. I got a reminder of who I can post about when I was watching Cadillac Records and Mr. Columbus Short came upon the screen. Now, usually I talk about how hot that hunk is but he DEADASS shut that movie down! He did a bomb ass job & he looks like 1950s stud. I always drool when I watch Stomp The Yard and This Christmas. His voice tells my panties to come off. LMAO! Yo this man is gorgeous. AND he can dance so um... YEAH! =D! Lemme stop before I faint.

Kinda Like A Big Deal...

This is a MUST-HEAR! Here's the Clipse featuring Kanye West with their new song "Kinda Like A Big Deal". I really like this song. I always liked the Clipse, like always. They're like double the ear candy & Kanye puts the icing on the cake. When I listen to a song, the beat is the first thing that catches me. If it's trash, i'm skipping it. BUT THIS SONG IS HOT! Take a listen! =]

Monday, April 20, 2009

"Is That Mink On My Shoes?"

I stumbled upon this video on WSHH, but I had to get it on Youtube, idk why. Here's Katt Williams breaking down pimpin' in a fashion form. It is hilarious, I mean why wouldn't it be? Its Katt Williams! He deadass should be a teacher for pimpin' if there ever is one (prolly is, you never know, this is America). He breaks it down to a T, you can really learn from this! And always remember:

"If it don't feel pimpin', it don't look pimpin'."

Adrianna in Elle...

Whoa Mama! These were sitting on my desktop for about a week, totally forgot about them. My favorite Victoria Secret model, Adrianna Lima, is in Elle! Yay! Personally, I don't read Elle, but these pics are too hawt. Love her! I wna eat her (pause) like a gummy bear, and those are good!