Thursday, April 16, 2009

WTF Moments...

I found some pics that made me say WTF.I'm just gna write what I thought at first glance. So, yeah.. take a look. OH, since celebrities think they can do anything, there is bound to be more "WTF Moments"

Gorilla Zoe

WTF: Who tattoos a hundred bill on their neck? What are you proving? I thought he was not even making money... =/

Cherri Dennis

WTF: OMG! You're wrong all over! Unattractive tatts mad visible= un-lady like. Are those sneaker heels? Oh, don't let me start with your pink hair. You were so pretty 2 years ago. What happen? =/


WTF: (Sighs) You don't look right anymore.. Jus shave the rest of it, PLEASE!


  1. in defense of Gorilla Zoe: