Friday, April 24, 2009

Danity Kat Fight!

PHA! The part II Season Finale of Making The Band 4 aired last night and MAN OH MAN, talk about retardation! So, this is what basically went down. Day26 did mediocre performances, blahh nobody really cared, still loved them tho. Poor Donny got pushed under the rug, AS USUAL. What everybody really wanted to see is how the Danity Kane saga would go. So, the girls come out, well, 4 of them, Aundrea wasnt there =/. Dawn showcased her new hair (O.O), D. Woods would not shut up, Shannon was cute & quiet. Idk, they all started talking and it seems like they really dont like each other. Ugh, fucking females. What really got me tight was Aubrey blow-up doll looking self. All Sway wanted to do was ask shorty a question and she had to make herself seen & extra. Yuck! She deadass called Que the president of her fan club in front of Dawn, she's a thug. Talk about tension. D. Woods all of a sudden sat between Dawn & Aubrey. YUP, it was that deep. However, Dawn shut Aubrey & D. Woods down when Aubrey pointed out that D. Woods was the only one who came to her broadway shows, but Dawn said only "fans" pay for a ticket. LMAOOO!! Yikes! This whole thing was like a bad soapopera, a whole lotta female bitchassness. The cattyness is thru the roof with these girls. DO NOT expect another reunion but expect failed solo albums. Let's see how far Day26 goes. Sad, sad, sad.

PS. Diddy was the most entertaining the whole night, bout to download that "Diddy Bop". HAHA!

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