Thursday, April 16, 2009

Cutie of the Day:

The beauuuuuuutiful Zoe Saldana. Gosh, she's gorgeous! I first saw her in Drumline (who didn't?) & I'm not gonna lie, she annoyed me in that movie. But today, I ran across the next 2 pics on and i was like ZAAAMN! SHAWTY FINE! Did you know she was a classically trained dancer? Even more hot! She's gonna be in the new Star Trek movie (Yuck!). Took me awhile to find a cutie because you know, girls wna shave 1/3 of their head, bleach it till its clear, all this reckless shit. So, shoutouts to Zoe for being a normal, classic beauty!


  1. yea, she was in the movie Center Stage. she was a dancer way before she got into acting. =]

  2. oh yea..her spread in GIANT mag is AMAZINGGG!!
    i was stunned when I saw them