Monday, April 13, 2009

Up & Coming...

Who is this guy, you ask? Mike Classic is a 18 year old rapper out of Queens who started rapping when he was about 9, but only took it real serious 2 years ago. His father introduced him to hip-hop artist such as Nas, Gangstar, and Rakim. The 1st album he ever had was Nas Illmatic. Classic release his 1st mixtape When its Playoff Mode 4th quarter 2008, and he has got nothing but good reviews from the number of blog's he put his mixtape on. The mixtape includes a bunch of original tracks plus a remix to Wale's "Nike Boots". Classic describes his music in one word... "ANTHEM!!" Its the type of music that will grab your mind and ears within the 1st minute. He still creates new thoughts every time it is played. The mixtape is something that can still be listened to 5yrs 10yrs down the road and still have a new sound that no one else can bring. Classic said "he is sort of a different world when he writes or creates music." His new single is called "Intoxicated" which is on his Myspace and type good if you ask me! If you wanna find out more about Mike Classic, all links below lead to him. Check him out & don't be shy! Show some love! SHOUTOUTS TO BUBBA FOR THIS ONE!


If you wanna upload this mixtape, you can visit his blog or click here.. or here. LOL!

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