Wednesday, April 8, 2009

It's Electrik... Red!

Here's sexy girl group, Electrik Red featuring Lil Wayne video for the remix of "So Good". At first I thought the original song was okay. Then, I head this remix with Lil Wayne, and for some reason this guy always seems to make a song better. Now, as for the group, they're a bunch of pretty girls. Do I think they can sing? Not a lick. Just to remind you, if they look familar, they all are former video girls/dancers. So, um YEAH! Shoutouts to them for hustling. Supposedly, their debut album How To Be A Lady, Volume 1 is suppose 2 to come out April 21st but... we'll see about that. It's most likely bound to get pushed back. =]


  1. thatt's good for more backup dancing for them.

  2. i saw these chicks on the I AM MUSIC tour and they are nice.