Saturday, April 11, 2009

Is that Cassie... or Britney???

So, today I got an IM from my homegirl asking me [in caps] DID YOU SEE CASSIE'S HAIR?? I was dead asleep from a long ass yet great night so I ain't pay it no mind. I come on the cpu to check out any new shit I can blog about and STOPPED scrolling down WSHH when I seen Cassie's head half shaved. I REALLY don't know wtf this is about. Cry for attention? Diddy making her crazy? IDK! But this was totally dumb! Like... I don't get it. CASSIE, WHYYYYYY?? She couldn't cut it like a normal girl? Whatever. She just better not be smashing out Diddy's windows with an umbrella next.


  1. i think she should just shave it bald,
    her face hella pretty so she can pull off the baldy

  2. doesnt fit her...makes her seem desperate for attention.