Tuesday, November 24, 2009

The Lady Before She Went Gaga...

Remember that show Before They Were Famous, or any other show like that, and you got to see the real them before the Hollywood got to them? Welp, I found Lady Gaga. Shorty did a whole 360! She can actually sing! I mean, I knew she was talented in some type of way, but vocally, I didn't see it. Well, she shut me up. And she wasn't Lady Gaga here, just simply Stefani Germanotta. She performed to original pieces, Captivated and Electric Kiss. She never ceases to amaze me, I swear. I think she's kind of a genius. Hmph.

Oh yeah, lemme just threw out her AMA performance. Give yall the before & after effect. I loved it.

Get To Know: Mateo

I saw this video of Mateo like a month ago. This was my first time hearing the song & everything and I instantly fell in love with him AND the song (too much and's in this sentence). This here is his song "Get To Know Me". It's a real beautiful song. To hear more of Mateo, take a listen to his EP Get To Know Me: Live at Swing House, and if you want the iTunes link, click here. He is a MUST LISTEN! Also, take a visit to Rap-Up.com to read 10 Questions for Mateo. Interesting stuff!

Rated R in Stores NOW!

Rihanna's fourth studio album, Rated R, is in stores RIGHT NOW kiddies. You gotta hand it to the girl for making 4 albums in 4 years. She's pretty good. Anyway, this album will not disappoint. Tunes to look out for? Rockstar 101, Rude Boy, Photographs, G4L, Te Amo, & Cold Case Love. Here she is at Best Buy at Union Square. I think the album is currently seeling at $3.99. Sheesh!

And if this is a new tatt, I'm gonna be kinda upset. Just because I can't get it now. LOL

It's Barbie Bitch!

Check out Nicki Minaj photoshoot for Right On! magazine shot by my amazing friend Slinky of Sleep Productions. I got little sneak previews and guys, it's as hot & sick as it looks! Just know where to come if you wanna see first looks! ;)

All in Your Ear...

Oh yes, Robin Thicke, gimme more! Check out this smooth ass song "Ms. Sexy" from his upcoming album, Sex Therapy. Robin always delivers something soothing to our ears, so please believe you won't be disappointed. Word is that Jay-Z is supposed to be featured on this track but I don't have that version :(. However, I still like the song so far. Can't wait to hear the other version (if there is one).

Snoop Dogg has a banger guys! "I Wanna Rock" is sucha dope record. I guarantee your head will be banging mad hard when you hear this. I'm a little late on this one because I thought no one (or myself) will catch on to it. But I heard it in the car, and it was too infectious! This track is featured on his tenth studio album, Malice n Wonderland. He's never gonna retire!

Monday, November 23, 2009

Brandy Sings Her Heart Out... Part 2

Last time, Brandy sang "Somewhere Over The Rainbow" for us. Now, she sings Sam Cooke's classic "Change Is Gonna Come". Brandy has always been in my Top 5 lists of singers, and I think you'll know why after watching this (if it didn't hit you the first time). Shorty got some pipes on her! She can make an whole album singing in the bathroom, I can careless.

Mmm Mmm Good...

Ugh, how I crave for this woman. Meagan Good teamed up with celebrity stylist, Mr. Bradshaw, for a shoot with Krave magazine. Here she's rocking some Stevie Boi Shades, Em & Co Boutique, and Cowgirl Heaven, which gave her a fierce ass look, different from her regular around the way girl look. I LOVE the look on her, however I hope it's not permanent. It might look good on her but I don't want her to be another celebrity riding the "Rihanna Wave". Stick to your Cali-'Round-The-Way girl looks Meggie!

And just is case you were wondering where the hell she has been, she has her own production company, Freedom Bridge Entertainment. She's been producing her latest film Sundays In Fort Greene, in which she plays a lesbian. HAWT! No word on when that comes out but, WORK BITCH! =)


I got a lot in store folks. Sit back and TRY to enjoy.

First up, Fabolous featuring Kobe for his video "Imma Do It". The video isn't very entertaining. One of those "Let's make a video, just because" videos. I only posted it because I love this song. Sounds really good in a car at the deafening volume.

Next is the beautiful Keri Hilson. She has a video for her song "I Like" which is on the soundtrack for the German film, Zweiohrk├╝ken. Needless to say, I really don't know what that even means LOL! But if you're a devoted Keri fan (or not), check out the vid.

Toni Braxton is back guys!! And she's here with her new single & video, "Yesterday", featuring Trey Songz. The video was directed by Billie Woodruff. Toni hasn't aged a bit, and is keeping her sexy in tact! You can peep Brooke Hogan's cameo in the video. This single is off Toni's upcoming album, which is suppose to be released early 2010.

Here's the adorable Lily Allen with the 5th single, "Who'd Have Known", off her album, It's Not Me, It's You. In the vid, Lily is an obsessed fan of Elton John. I find the video so cute. Thumbs up!

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Rated R Booklet Scans...

Here are some scans from Rihanna's fourth studio album, Rated R, booklet, which comes out on Tuesday. I just picked out some of my faves, which is basically the whole thing. Hot tamale Miss Thang is. Really gritty & edgy. Also, be sure to check out a bonus track from her album, "Hole In My Head", featuring Justin Timberlake (produced by The Y's). Click here to listen.

Friday, November 20, 2009

Empire State of Mind, Part II...

Alicia Keys performed "Empire State of Mind Part 2" in Tribeca, New York for the iHeart Radio series. I love when she performs live. Since this is the first time I'm hearing the Part 2 of this song, it made it even better. This song will be featured on her 4th studio album, The Element of Freedom, featuring a new verse from Jay-Z. Also click here, and check out another song that will be on the album, "Dreaming".

All in Your Ear...

I've been hearing about this track Joe Buddens did over Rihanna's "Russian Roulette" beat. This sounded interesting, just because the beat is dope but I would never imagine someone spittin some shit over it. I'm not too big on Joey but I WILL tell you, he murdered this shit. It even has some shot fired to Tahiry, his ex-gf. He might sound a little bitter to most but hey, that's life. You guys just need to hear for yourself.

GQ Men of the Year...

I had saw the spread in GQ of Drake, KiD CuDi & Wale being Men of the Year and read a little bit of the article (last picture). "The gangsta persona is finally dead", declares GQ. Wale being the guy who's slick with his words, CuDi being the skinny jeans wearing stoner, and Drake being the unsigned (but now signed) million dollar heartthrob, these are the "Gangsta Killers of the Year".

The magazine honored these guys at their Men of the Year party in Hollywood. Other honorees were Kobe Bryant, Clint Eastwood & President Obama. Drizzy brought Ms. Harajuku Barbie (-_-) herself, Nicki Minaj. They looked together, in a non-couple way. And I always say Drake is a "cuteugly" but he looks hella smooth here. Yum. Wale? Yea. Peep the pics!

MTV Diary: N.E.R.D.

One of MTV's classic shows with it's unforgettable tagline, "You think you know, but you have no idea", MTV Diary is coming back out, I'm guessing. N.E.R.D. is their first victim. I love them and love Pharrell's hawt self even more *creams*. Here's a little preview, check it out.

Rock-A-Bed Baby!

Here's Young Money featuring Lloyd on the set of their video, "Bedrock". A lot of sleep wear, and beds included of course. Can't wait to see the outcome.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009


So, the highly anticipated "Video Phone" video featuring Beyonce & Lady Gaga is here guys! When I first heard the new version of the track, I hated it. After seeing the video, I'm giving it a chance, even tho I still think B didn't need Lady Gaga. Anyway, I like the video a lot. Very animated. And Gaga kept up with B in the dance break! My little favorite part of the video is how the guys heads are video lens, cute! Check it.

This is mos def my favorite song right now! Alicia Keys debuted her new video "Try Sleeping With A Broken Heart" on 106 & Park yesterday. Like I said, I love the song but the video totally didn't go with the song. Idk why she was a superhero. It left me confused. I thought she would be looking sexy, tossing & turning in her bed. I mean, she still did look sexy tho ;).

Robin Thicke has a new video for his sexy song "Sex Therapy". This video is like his raunchiest one yet. I like it, it's like a sexy dollhouse. If I'm not mistaken, ANTM Cycle 9 winner, Saleisha Stowers, is a lil vixen in the video. Robin's album, Sex Therapy, is slated to come out December 15.

Melanie Fiona released the video for her 3rd single, "Bang Bang". Not too much of a fan of this song, but this girl has some great songs. Her debut album, The Bridge, is in stores now!

Friday, November 13, 2009

Crawling to The Top...

It's no coincidence that Rihanna & Chris Brown premiered their NEW video on the SAME day, but whatever. Chris premiered his video "Crawl" on The Wendy Williams Show today. It was directed by Joseph Kahn and it co-stars Cassie. Her half shaved head has grown on me. I like the video, Breezy looks so adorable, you can't help but forgive him. =). I didn't watch the rest of the interview tho, I'm sure he has repeated himself all week.

Ri Ri Pulls The Trigger...

Rihanna finally debuts her video for her 1st single, "Russian Roulette", off her latest album, Rated R. It was directed by Anthony Mandler. I LOVE it. It was like watching a movie, very suspenseful, kinda had a horror thing to it. Her hair added some effect too. You can also catch the world premiere of her video TONIGHT on ABC at 10 pm. Check it out!

The Element of Freedom...

Here's the pretty album cover for Alicia Keys upcoming album, The Element of Freedom, which is due in stores December 15. The imagery goes with the title. I just can't wait for this album, Alicia never disappoints. =)


Letoya Luckett premiered her new video for "Regret" featuring Ludacris on 106 & Park. This is actually my first time LISTENING to the song. The video may be a lil low budget, but I fucks with the song. Might be the anthem for newly single ladies (not better than "Single Ladies" tho). =)

Dirty Money also premiered their video, "Love Come Down", today. Not too impressed. Not gonna say much. Enjoy.

All in Your Ear...

It's like the battle of publicity between these two! Chris Brown released his third single "Sing Like Me" from his third album, Graffiti. It's real cute & kinda bubbly. I can only imagine the video for this. Maybe a girl singing into a brush in her room to a CB poster. Check it!

As time shortens for when Rihanna's Rated R album will be in stores, it seems like more leakage is happening. Up next? "Cold Case Love". This joint was written by Justin Timberlake and produced by The Y's. I love the dramatics of this song and how it just keeps growing and growing as time goes on in the song. So far, so good with this album.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Live Like A Rockstar...

This, I might have to see. Lil Wayne is coming out with a documentary simply called, Lil Wayne: The Carter Documentary. After watching his Behind The Music, I gained respect for the guy. I wouldn't call him my favorite rapper, but you gotta respect his little hustle. But this doc seems different, a little darker, more to the nitty gritty. Seems interesting.

Random Picture Time!

My precious little terror.


"The King of Dance" Omarion released his new video for his single "I Get It In" featuring Gucci Mane. I don't love the video, but I like it A LOT! It kinda reminds me of ABDC, but in a good way. Some dance moves that make you go WHOA! His album, Ollusion, is due to be released January 12, 2010. I'm sucha Omarion fan, so I always enjoy whatever he does. Now, will other people feel the same? You be the judge.

Queen Weirdo aka Lady Gaga also released her new video for her single "Bad Romance" off of The Fame Monster. I watched the video with a distrubed look on my face but I truely enjoyed it. You never know what you're gonna get when it comes to this woman. She's like our generations David Bowie. Peep!


If Rihanna wanted publicity for her upcoming album, she damn sure knew what the hell she was doing this week. Check out her single cover out for "Hard" featuring Young Jeezy. Talk about hawt stuff. I'm having flashbacks of those nudies. =). And check out the pics below of her leaving MTV Studios. I like her little red & black striped fit.

Rihanna was also honored as Glamour's 2009 Woman of the Year. I guess she deserves it, besides this year, she did accomplish a lot in these short 4 years. Model Iman presented the award to her and Riri looked gorgeous in that white gown! Peep her acceptance speech.

Sunday, November 8, 2009

R. Kelly Salutes His Mentor...

I got this from Rap-Up.com and I thought it was adorable. R. Kelly took a moment outta his "Ladies Make Some Noise!" tour and did a cute yet touching tribute to Michael Jackson. He had a little clip of MJ jammin to Kells hit, "Ignition". He also said with Michael "being gone, it's like our musical breathe being taken away", and he couldn't have said it any better. Check out the beautiful song he did at the end.

It's Her Turn...

Here is the single cover for Rihanna's "Wait Your Turn". Going topless and rocking the Rated R logo as a bracelet? Sexy, sexy, sexy! I love it.

Talk of the Town...

On Friday night, it seemed like the whole world watched Rihanna on 20/20. Who wouldn't? We all wanted to see what she had to say. Even though most people felt she was lying or threw Chris under the bus, at least she didn't hold her tongue. I'm not gonna say much because I'm quite tired of the two and the situation BUT I'm here to supply the evidence. Take a look for yourself.

Cuffin #PASS...

So, my lovely Beyonce won an MTV Europe Award (nothing new) for her hit single "Single Ladies (Put A Ring On It)". Her acceptance speech? She just thank Jay for doing so, puttin a ring on it. OWW! Here some pics of some cuffage going on from the two. They get a pass, you rarely see this.