Tuesday, November 24, 2009

All in Your Ear...

Oh yes, Robin Thicke, gimme more! Check out this smooth ass song "Ms. Sexy" from his upcoming album, Sex Therapy. Robin always delivers something soothing to our ears, so please believe you won't be disappointed. Word is that Jay-Z is supposed to be featured on this track but I don't have that version :(. However, I still like the song so far. Can't wait to hear the other version (if there is one).

Snoop Dogg has a banger guys! "I Wanna Rock" is sucha dope record. I guarantee your head will be banging mad hard when you hear this. I'm a little late on this one because I thought no one (or myself) will catch on to it. But I heard it in the car, and it was too infectious! This track is featured on his tenth studio album, Malice n Wonderland. He's never gonna retire!

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