Monday, November 23, 2009

Mmm Mmm Good...

Ugh, how I crave for this woman. Meagan Good teamed up with celebrity stylist, Mr. Bradshaw, for a shoot with Krave magazine. Here she's rocking some Stevie Boi Shades, Em & Co Boutique, and Cowgirl Heaven, which gave her a fierce ass look, different from her regular around the way girl look. I LOVE the look on her, however I hope it's not permanent. It might look good on her but I don't want her to be another celebrity riding the "Rihanna Wave". Stick to your Cali-'Round-The-Way girl looks Meggie!

And just is case you were wondering where the hell she has been, she has her own production company, Freedom Bridge Entertainment. She's been producing her latest film Sundays In Fort Greene, in which she plays a lesbian. HAWT! No word on when that comes out but, WORK BITCH! =)


  1. Meagan Good is a real genuine and beautiful person.It doesn't get better than that.Cowgirl Heaven

  2. she looks nice, but as you said it's another "RIRI" look alike. i like her girl next door look, why the hell is everyone trying to "edgy" all of a sudden.smh