Wednesday, September 30, 2009


Nightmare on Elm Street is one of the most classic scary movies that were ever made and we all know what the do with classics right? REMAKE! This looks oh so good. I'm made its coming out all the way in April 2010 and not next month. Darn. I'll try to wait patiently.

Now this movie comes out WAY sooner than the last one. I really would like to see Couple Retreat It stars Vince Vaughn and Jason Bateman. It's about four couples who go on vacation to a tropical-island resort. I think anything with Vince Vaughn in it is hilarious. This is out in theatres October 9th. =)

Moss The Boss...

Here's some Kate Moss pics for Vogue Paris the October issue. These were shot by Inez & Vinoodh. I think she looks effortlessly beautiful in these. Work bitch.

All in Your Ear...

No more drama for Chris Brown (for now). So, we're moving on from all the hoopla and paying attention to the hot music that we love oh so much from Breezy. Last month, he released his heartfelt single "Changed Man", and I honestly liked it. It was catchy. But of course, everyone wants to listen to something upbeat. So, here's the official first single, "Transform Ya", featuring Lil Wayne and produced by Swizz Beatz, off his upcoming 3rd album, Graffiti. Before I heard it, I was kinda scared because I didn't know if it was gonna be hot, and I didn't want to be disappointed. However, Chris shut me up and had me banging my head mad hard to this. I love it. Word is they just finished shooting the video this past weekend in LA. So, yay! It's a must listen folks, open them ears.

Little Miss Pretty Mya has been MIA. Her last "album" was surely a flop. However, she's now on DWTS and doing swell, so I hear from my mother LOL. I guess the song is off a mixtape, but I kinda like "Ponytail" featuring Nicki Minaj. It's KINDA cute. However, in my opinion, if Mya still wants to be relevant in the music game, she's gotta come harder than this. What do you guys think?

The label, Young Money, looks like they're on the hustle. Gudda Gudda just released a mixtape (I think, don't take my word for it, I dont pay attention to him). I wasn't gonna pay ANY song of his any mind until I seen that Nicki Minaj was featured on one of them (sad, I know, I can't help it). I listened to it and since I'm more of a beat girl then lyrics sometimes, I liked it very much. "Always Love You" also features the samples of "I Will Always Love You" from both Whitney Houston and Dolly Parton. I guess the song is about loved ones we lost, which is a nice concept. I'm not too big on it, but I would LISTEN to it. Check it out.

Girlfriends or "Girlfriends"...?

Rihanna and her best friend and assistant, Melissa, were spotted in Venice having a nice BFF time. However, how they were so close in the physical sense has people wondering, is she her "girlfriend" for real?

I don't see the big deal. I hold my besties hand sometimes (then let go because that's to mushy for my life). I'm all hugged up on my bestie sometimes, when I'm drunk of course. What I'm trying to say that for girl BFF's, it's not weird to hold her hand or anything of that source. It's like PDA when a regular couple do it. You're just showing your love for ur biffle, publicly. They do look a tad close tho. Ahhh well, #kanyeshrug.

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

All in Your Ear...

Ms. Harajuku Barbie herself, Nicki Minaj, is surely making some moves. First a Honey mag spread, now a little leakage of music, yes indeedy! No, she hasn't released any new mixtape, so whatever "new" shit you see flowing around, that's a no-go. "Gettin Paid" is just short from a minute and a half, but I think that's enough to satisfy Nicki's Barbies (LOL). I like it =). What do you guys think?

RIP Derrion Albert... SMH

I was very scared to watch this video just for the simple fact that I knew it was going to be violent, and someone had to die out of stupidity. This video shows two rival gangs fighting in Chicago on Thursday. Derrion Albert, who was just 16 years old and an honor student, was simply trying to help another student when he got smacked with a board. That action by itself sent shivers thru my body.

It like these kids have no remorse and don't think about their actions. Yet are so loyal to a "gang". This is just sad. I really have no words for this. Who ever was involved in this should be locked up for a long time. Kid or not, they were man enough to take a life, being in jail should be nothing to them right? Very unfortunate someone had to lose their life like this, this way, period.

More Than Just Hot Tatts...

So, I drooled a little bit when I saw these. Here is the hunk of my lifetime, Trey Songz, showing of his hot yet meaningful tatts in this months issue of Urban Ink. Of course a hot guy with tattoos is so appealing to us girls. However, a guys with tattoos that ACTUALLY mean something? Nothing better.

He explains the meaning behind his big angels on his back (which I think is the hottest angel tat I ever seen) and the sweet scripture on his chest. I think I'm gonna buy this issue tomorrow, deadass.

Thursday, September 24, 2009


Amerie released her new video, "Heard Em All", off of her 4th upcoming album, In Love & War. Amerie has always been the girl next door. I guess nowadays it doesn't work anymore with the Rihanna's and Sasha Fierce's ruling the game. You can tell she's trying to bring some edge to her with this video. She should have tried harder. BUT that's just my opinion. Check it out.

Paper Doll...

Although she's annoying to most, Nicki Minaj has managed to keep her name in people's mouth. My interest in her has gone down since I first heard her in 2007 because dickriders can do that. However, with this spread in Honey Magazine, I think I'm in love again. She looks fantastic. Not quite sure when this issue hits the stands, but be sure to look out for it! =)

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Is She Cheating...?

No, this isn't Relations 101 (unfortunately). The beautiful Mya is on this season of Dancing With The Stars. When I heard that she was going to be on it, I was kinda confused. I thought the point of the show was to get stars that has little or NO dance experience. As far as I know, Mya has been dancing her whole life. Isn't she a trained dancer? I feel like she has way more of an advantage. She did a marvelous job, but come one. I totally understand that dancing comes in different styles, and maybe she is new to this ballroom thing. But she's been dancing her whole life. LOL I can't find any reason or excuse to say why she's on this show. Anyway, good luck to her. =)

Jeezy & Clipse Cover Complex...

Clipse X Kaws cover Complex magazine (1 out of 3). If it looks familiar from you is because Kaws did the album artwork for Kanye West's 808's & Heartbeak. Yummy stuff.
And here's Young Jeezy X ESPO covering the second cover out of the 3. ESPO is somewhat the kingpin grafitti artist from Philly. This issue will hit stand October 6th. Might have to cop this one. =)


This is soooooooooo hilarious! Affion Crockett made a spoof of Jay-Z's song "Run This Town". This guy is so on point with his impersonations. Freakin' funny, check it out!

Who Is Eva Simons?

I'm not even sure who Eva Simons is, but she sure does look interesting (and familiar). Well, Eva is a Dutch singer who is best known for winning the Dutch version of Popstars where she was apart of the short-lived girlband, Raffish. She is now on her solo ish, and her song "Silly Boy" has gotten a lot of attention. Now, the name of the song definitely sounded familiar to me because a while back that song was supposedly from Rihanna featuring Lady Gaga. However, I knew it was them, totally didn't even sound like it.

So, not only did people think she sounded like Rihanna and Lady Gaga, but they think she is definitely ripping off their look or (lack of a better word) "swag". I mean I can see why they think that. The edgy look, daring personality, I get that. But you ever wondered why Riri went from a Good Girl Gone Bad? Or where she could have gotten her style from? *cough* (Fefe Dobson) *coughs*. But anyway, I don't think Eva stole anything but some people's attention. Give her some time to shine. I'm gonna keep an eye out for this lady.

Mama, I Want To Sing...

I've been hearing about this movie for the longest and finally there's a trailer. Mama, I Want To Sing stars singer Ciara, and Emmy award winning actress, Lynn Whitfield. It will premiere at 13th Annual Urbanworld Film Festival. This actually looks kinda good. Reminds me of a Tyler Perry movie. He should have did this, it would have came out LONG time ago. Word is that the movie isn't fully finished, but they are still gonna screen it. Hmph. Check it.

Just In Case You Cared...

Here's Antonia "Toya" Carter in this new shoot photographed by Robort Ector, who is the protege of Derek Blanks. If you don't know who she is, she is most known for being the ex-wife of rapper Lil Wayne, and her show with T.I.'s woman, Tiny, in Tiny & Toya. I think she looks great in this shoot. I always thought she was pretty. Not drop dead gorgeous, but she's not ugly. She has braces, yes, but at least she's getting her teeth fixed LOL. She's supposedly coming out with a book about her life and is dating NFL player James Hardy. In other interesting news, her shoes are BOD!

All in Your Ear...

Anyone who knows me knows I can't stand Mariah Carey (nowadays). She used to be my shorty back in the day then she started shedding her clothes and got whack to me. However recently, with the success (and controversy surrounding it) of "Obsessed", I think I might like her again. That song is catchy as hell. A couple of songs has leaked from her upcoming 12th album, Memoirs of an Imperfect Angel. I heard the demo for one of them. The-Dream sang it, and I said to myself, "I don't even wanna hear Mariah scream on this". But I must admit, "H.A.T.E.U." does sound a lot better with Mrs. Cannon on it. I even deleted The-Dream's version. So, take a listen meng!

Young Money is one of hip-hop's hottest labels right now. Even though they sign people then they drop, under the power of Lil Wayne, it has staying power with Drake & Nicki Minaj, just to name a few, on that team. Welp, if you wanted to hear them all in one song, here's you chance. "Bedrock" featuring Lloyd is a cute little song. The original one featured Omarion (>_>). Wonder why they replaced him. ANYWAY, I like it so, tell me what you think. =)

(BTW, that is the latest issue of The Source on stands now!)

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Amber Rose From The Concrete...

I knew I liked this girl for some reason. Amber Rose proved to all the haters that she's more than just her beau's, Kanye West, arm candy. She is now the new face of Boadiciea The Victorious perfume by Michael Bodi. This was pictured in London this past Friday. At least she's doing something with those looks of hers, besides stripping. =)


Sooooo, Drake has a new video for "Forever (Remix)" featuring Kanye West, Lil Wayne and Eminem. Honestly, I didn't bother watching the whole thing. It's quite apparent that Drizzy has no swaggy (which I like weirdly enough). I honestly think the original was better but that's just me. I'm guessing from the clips that this will be on the More Than A Game soundtrack. You guys can watch this video and tell me how it is. =)

Nasty boy Plies released a video for his single "Becky" off his upcoming album, Goon Affiliated. I knew the song was dirty from the first time I heard. Idk, anything I think that Plies says is naughty. If he talked about diapers, he would make it naughty, I swear. This song is kinda catchy. The girls in the video are WASHED but it's not really a real video so hey, (Kanye shrug). I don't know why I watched this whole video before I did Drake's but hey, it was entertaining.

Monday, September 21, 2009

Beyonce's Little Halo...

Beyonce always know how to make a tearjerker moment. Here she is singing to a little girl name Chealsea who has Cancer. This was in Sydney this past weekend. I would have fainted if B sang to me, I'm just saying. This was real adorable. Check it.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

RIP Patrick Swayze...

Darn, another great celebrity gone. Patrick Swayze passed away yesterday after his almost 2-year battle with cancer. He was 57 years old. The last picture I seen of Swayze clearly shows he was fighting for his life. He was best known for his heart-stealing roles in movies like Dirty Dancing and Ghost. I swear heaven has to be too poppin right now with all this talent leaving us this year. At least, he's finally resting.
Classic scene from Ghost