Tuesday, September 29, 2009

RIP Derrion Albert... SMH

I was very scared to watch this video just for the simple fact that I knew it was going to be violent, and someone had to die out of stupidity. This video shows two rival gangs fighting in Chicago on Thursday. Derrion Albert, who was just 16 years old and an honor student, was simply trying to help another student when he got smacked with a board. That action by itself sent shivers thru my body.

It like these kids have no remorse and don't think about their actions. Yet are so loyal to a "gang". This is just sad. I really have no words for this. Who ever was involved in this should be locked up for a long time. Kid or not, they were man enough to take a life, being in jail should be nothing to them right? Very unfortunate someone had to lose their life like this, this way, period.

1 comment:

  1. That shit was truly OD, I'm like come on niggas is wildin nowadays. Niggas beatin Niggas to DEATH, LITERALLY. I smh at u yung ass kids, I guess dats what hot in the streetz nowadayz :(