Wednesday, September 30, 2009

All in Your Ear...

No more drama for Chris Brown (for now). So, we're moving on from all the hoopla and paying attention to the hot music that we love oh so much from Breezy. Last month, he released his heartfelt single "Changed Man", and I honestly liked it. It was catchy. But of course, everyone wants to listen to something upbeat. So, here's the official first single, "Transform Ya", featuring Lil Wayne and produced by Swizz Beatz, off his upcoming 3rd album, Graffiti. Before I heard it, I was kinda scared because I didn't know if it was gonna be hot, and I didn't want to be disappointed. However, Chris shut me up and had me banging my head mad hard to this. I love it. Word is they just finished shooting the video this past weekend in LA. So, yay! It's a must listen folks, open them ears.

Little Miss Pretty Mya has been MIA. Her last "album" was surely a flop. However, she's now on DWTS and doing swell, so I hear from my mother LOL. I guess the song is off a mixtape, but I kinda like "Ponytail" featuring Nicki Minaj. It's KINDA cute. However, in my opinion, if Mya still wants to be relevant in the music game, she's gotta come harder than this. What do you guys think?

The label, Young Money, looks like they're on the hustle. Gudda Gudda just released a mixtape (I think, don't take my word for it, I dont pay attention to him). I wasn't gonna pay ANY song of his any mind until I seen that Nicki Minaj was featured on one of them (sad, I know, I can't help it). I listened to it and since I'm more of a beat girl then lyrics sometimes, I liked it very much. "Always Love You" also features the samples of "I Will Always Love You" from both Whitney Houston and Dolly Parton. I guess the song is about loved ones we lost, which is a nice concept. I'm not too big on it, but I would LISTEN to it. Check it out.

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