Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Random Vid!

Don't ask me how I know about Knightrider. Fuck it I'll tell you. My brother & sister who are wayyyy [not wayyy, but u get it] older than me used to watch all these 80s shows. MacGyver, The A-Team, you name it, my brother & sister probably seen every episode. Well, when I was like 4, I know these shits used to be reruns, and I always like Knightrider. HOT car that talks with the red bars that came up? POPPIN'! Then, some rappers sampled this theme like Busta Rhymes, Timbaland & Magoo, blah blah blah. I just wanted to post this cuz um... I really like it, mad old school. OK, I'm done! =]

Hunk of the Day...

Ugh, if he isnt the cutest yet hottest thing ever, idk what is. His name is Tristan Wilds. He might look familiar to some of you from The Wire. I never watched that showed. However, the new 90210 came into effect and i've been stuck to him like a bandaid on hairy arms. He just looks so clean cut. That smile is too adroable. He's like a highschool crush. Sighss.

Oh yeah, NEW episodes of 90210 air tomorrow on CW11 at 9 PM.

^^^ PS. Silver is hot too!

She Said She Wasn't A Model...

Well, I wasn't lying but hey, shit happens. If you didn't realize, that's your truly, Ren Jones. Anywhoo, this is actually my 2nd photoshoot, which I enjoyed because my homeboy, Slinky, was the photographer (for his Facebook, click his name or look up Ryle AKA SLinky). I really wasn't into the photoshoot thing at first. I don't even like modeling but Slink insisted, and I shocked myself, cuz these thangs came out HAWT!! I took em at Keith Major Photography Studio. Keith Major is actually my homeboy's boss. His website is keithmajor.com, which is DUMB HOT! GO LOOK! He's also gna be on THIS WEEK'S episode of America's Next Top Model as the photographer & guest judge, which airs April 1 @ 8 PM. These are just some. You might see a new banner soon. =]. ALL of these were edited by Slinky.
Hope you like!

Monday, March 30, 2009

Same Ol G...

If you didn't know, Ginuwine is coming back and that means more wet panties. Here's his latest video "Last Chance". It has cameos of LisaRaye & yummy chocolate man Tyrese. I kinda don't get the video, but I be thinking too hard. The dance moves are kinda outdated, but hey, G is trying. His album, A Mans Thoughts, is suppose to come out June 2nd but we'll see how that goes. Also, I got a new song from him. I mean, i got a few new songs from him, but this is my favorite as well as the newest. =]

Capo Monologues...

OK. So, yall know my last Hunk of the Day was rugged-looking, Jim Jones. Hate it or love it, I got a lil thing for the guy, and if you don't like it, kick a boulder and read another blog. However, by the sweet goodness of my homegirl Ari =), shorty had extra tickets to Jimmy's Hip-Hop Monologues. And guess who she wanted to come along! ;). So, the bestie and I took advantage and went. I mean, it was kinda like a lil random birthday present to me. Although, I like Jim, I wasn't always interested in seeing this shit. I heard good reviews about it but I was like, "Ehhh, Good for him". But guys, THIS SHIT IS TYPE NICE!! Like, there was a LIVE band playing his songs. Every girl in that shit had a bubble booty. Jimmy acting was type cute. It had a message behind it. It made you wna keep watching, which is alll good. & last but not least, I got a picture with him. =P. So, not only was it a kinda cool random bday gift, my bday weekend wasn't over at THAT! But that's another blog. I'm just here to give you the word that Jim Jones Hip-Hop Monologues = 2 THUMBS UP!

Look up Jimmy, say CHEESE!

Saturday, March 28, 2009

Bye Bye T.I.

Sighsss. Is it time already? T.I. was sentenced 366 days (a year & a day for you slow pokes) in prison and ordered to pay a $100,300 fine on weapon charges. If you don't remember, T.I. pleaded guilty last March after being arrested in October of 2007 and charged with two felonies, possession of three unregistered machine guns and two silencers and possession of firearms by a convicted felon. He will have 30-60 days to report to prison =[. Also, his sentence could allow him to be released early if warranted. Hmph. I'm gna miss T.I. like he was my next door neighbor. Not only is he a ill rapper, one of the hottest out right now but he is ACTUALLY a good man. Tiny ghetto self betta be thankful LOL! Just the way he speaks is a turn on. Yummy. SORRY! LOST TRACK!! Welp, he'll be back in no time. =)

Random Picture Time!


Thursday, March 26, 2009

Tatted To Kill..

Here's a couple of pics of Rihanna showing off her new tatts. I stumbled upon these last night. I like em, I think they're cute. Riri is really not the "Lil Miss Sunshine" that we thought she was when she came out. And Chris betta watch out. Three lil guns as tatts? Hmph. But um, i might steal these, Rihanna's tatt ideas are cool. =]

The Birthday Girls!

So, like 20 yrs ago, my preggo momz was at the laundrymat on a Easter Sunday. Well, I was the baby in that belly, and I decided not to be stuck in there for any longer and SPLAT! I was momz bday gift. =] So..

Cutie of the Day:

Well, Helllllllllooooooo NURSE! If it isn't my favorite porn star, Lacey Duvalle. First time I laid eyes on her, Pinky was fucking the SHIT outta her. I just stopped watching it cuz if Pinky got a frikken12 inch black strap-on or isn't fucking like a female, then i'm just grossed out. Then, this video of Lacey.. Just talking to me.. Telling me how she likes to top off. From there, she stole my heart. Her cute lil nipples & luscious lips. YUMMY! Dont get it twisted, no dyke business over here, DEADASS!! But, i'm tired of girls fronting like they don't watch porn. Get over it. And if you really dont, then you have 2 suck @ sex. Anyway, enjoy my favorite eye candy.


Aight, so digg this: DONT FRONT LIKE U AINT NEVA WATCHED SHOWTIME @ THE APOLLO! Every Saturday night @ 1AM? Smh shit was epic. But anways, here is The Notorious B.I.G. performing "One More Chance". If you ever wanted to sum up how shit went back in the day, how niggasz would perform, this video is the prime example. Throwing MAAAAAD money in the air, niggas waving like they just don't care. Mad fun, too bad, i was like 4 or something lol. But chea, had to post this one up. WILD CRAZY!

Ms. Keri Baby...

YES YES YES!! A day or two late but whatever. My shorty & supposedly look-a-like, Keri Hilson, had her album release party @ Pink Elephant Tuesday night in NYC. Needless to say, she looks great. Homegirl was poppin bottleS, OWWWWWWWW! Who was there? Uhh, Akon, Ron Browz, Mario, just to name a few. Oh, and a couple of those Harlem Heights kids. (-_-). Yeah so, you already know I posted a blog about her album. SHIT IS CRACK!! Idk how many time imma tell yall to get it but um... get on that!!


Auntie B!

Awww. Check out Beyonce & her nephew, Julez, filming a commercial for Ninentendo DS. He is such a lil cutie. Gosh darn! Check the video below for some more info! =] It looks cool!

Sister, Sister...

Gosh, these girls -I MEAN- women are so pretty! Here's your favorite twins, Tia & Tamera Mowry. Remember Sister, Sister? Gosh, the good ol days. Tia (left), as some of you know, stars in the TV series CW's The Game, which airs Fridays @ 8:30 pm. Tamera is on the ABC series Roommates, which airs Mondays @ 9PM. I love these girls sooooo much! No child-star fuck-ups here! WORK IT GIRLS!!

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Hunk of the Day...

Oh shutup. So what if i got a lil crush on this rugged lookin muthafucka. Yea, I think Jim Jones is a hunk, sue me. This was wayyyy back when I liked them thug niggas, or at least if they looked like one LOL. It kinda came back when I seen his lil video for "Day N' Nite". Sighsss. Yall seen the video I post last week of him calling some nigga a dweeb. LMFAO! This nigga is funny. And his last name is Jones, so I got all the reason in the world to like him. OWWWWWW!! Oh yeah, his album, Pray IV Reign, comes out today. Don't front like you dont like "Na Na Nana Na Na". Go cop that.

And The Oscar NEVER Went To...

Yes, Will. I would have that look on my face if i've been acting for years and aint get ONE BLASTED OSCAR. I don't need to tell you who this stupendous man is. I dont know ONE person who doesn't like Will Smith. EVERYONE watches The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air. I say watches, present tense, because reruns comes on today and nobody will fight to watch something else even tho they seen all the episodes. Anyway, this man is a FANTASTIC actor. He deadass made me think we were gna have blood sucking demons in 2009 in I Am Legend. He was nominated for an Oscar for his leading role in Ali, who happens to be his role model aswell. And who didn't cry in The Pursuit of Happyness? Tell me that movie didn't make you go to work an hour early! He amde me believe in aliens for goodness sake! I'm just saying, its wayyyyyyyy overdue for this man's Oscar yo. He is the only actor in history to have eight consecutive films gross over $100 million in the domestic box office as well as being the only actor to have eight consecutive films open at #1 on the domestic box office as a Lead Actor. Can you beat that? He is blockbuster KING! Meaning, that his movies GOT to be good if people go out to see it one right after the other. I feel this man is the whole package. He can be funny, emotional, beat somebody's butt up. On the un-actorish side, he got a DYME ass wife he's been w. for over 10 years, gorgeous kids, he never been drugged up, and he's bonafide eye candy. He coulda been president LOL! However, I wna see this man win an Oscar, i'll cry, then be satisfied. Can we make that happen sometime soon? SHOUTOUTS TO DENZEL WASHINGTON!

She Is Not The Same...

If I had a blog about 2 yrs ago, she would definitely be on it. If you don't know who this is, 1st: smack yourself and 2nd: This is Janelle Monae. Isn't she the cutest, quirkiest, weirdest thing you ever seen? Anyway, I first saw her in Big Boi's video "Morris Brown". I really don't remember how I got put on to her but when I was, talk about HOOKED! Mad plays on my Itunes. Anyway, she's signed to Bad Boy aka Death Trap Records =[. I wish she was like signed to G.O.O.D Music. Hopefully she'll get saved. Doesn't she just look interesting? Take a listen to her & her album Metropolis-Suite I: The Chase. My fav track is at the bottom. Enjoy! =]

Knock Knock...

My shorty be grindinnnnnn'! Here is Keri Hilson's new video featuring Kanye West & Ne-Yo named "Knock You Down" off her debut album In A Perfect World..., which comes out today! I really likes the video, its nothing too major but it keeps you watching. Me, myself, I was watching Keri booty. And her legs? I just wanna suck on her knee caps! I guess you can say Kanye looks "normal" again. And I feel like Ne-Yo has been missing for some reason, idk y. Anyway, watch the vid & go cop Keri's album, In A Perfect World..., like I said, it comes out today!!! =]

Monday, March 23, 2009

The Boogie Man...

WATCH THIS!!! This shit is hot fareal. I don't know shorty, but she damn sure is talented. Her name is ms.martinez. This is a video of her painting and it came out dope. Wish I could d that shit. Needless to say, it's name after one of my favorite MC's, Mos Def, and his song, "The Boogie Man Song". I kinda like stuff like this, only if it's not boring, or if I feel like im sitting thru art class. If I was a guy, my dick would be hard.. Deadass. Open your mind & enjoy. To see more, click here.


To thisssssss nigga Kirk. Just cuz he shouted me out on he BRAND SPANKIN ASS NEW BLOG that you should check out. Just the title along will have a bitch panties moist like a mugg, and WHO DON'T LIKE THAT?? So, show some muthafuckin love yo!


Fashionista Cutie...

We all know her as Beyonce's little sister, but Solange has made a name for herself, FINALLY! I liked her since before she had the baby. I respect her for having her baby and to still be on her grind and not lose focus because nowadays, that's mos def not the case (Where's Jamie-lynn? Exactly!). You can tell she was wayy different from her big sister, music-wise and fashion-wise. Last year, she came out with her second album Sol-Angel and the Hadley St. Dreams and I just loved the material that was on it! If you didn't know, she writes some of Beyonce's songs, too. However, other than having great music, her fashion sense is WILD CRAZY (in a good way!). From her shoes to her make-up, shorty be on point. Some people might not get it, but ME? I think it's dumb hot. I'm not gna say much because i think the pics below say enough. SHOUTOUTS to Solange.