Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Hunk of the Day...

Oh shutup. So what if i got a lil crush on this rugged lookin muthafucka. Yea, I think Jim Jones is a hunk, sue me. This was wayyyy back when I liked them thug niggas, or at least if they looked like one LOL. It kinda came back when I seen his lil video for "Day N' Nite". Sighsss. Yall seen the video I post last week of him calling some nigga a dweeb. LMFAO! This nigga is funny. And his last name is Jones, so I got all the reason in the world to like him. OWWWWWW!! Oh yeah, his album, Pray IV Reign, comes out today. Don't front like you dont like "Na Na Nana Na Na". Go cop that.


  1. are u fucking serious? Jim Jones?

    pssh --_--

  2. "you fucking DWEEB!" -jim jones

  3. indeed I like na na. but I shall NOT buy that shit-ass album. >[