Monday, March 30, 2009

Capo Monologues...

OK. So, yall know my last Hunk of the Day was rugged-looking, Jim Jones. Hate it or love it, I got a lil thing for the guy, and if you don't like it, kick a boulder and read another blog. However, by the sweet goodness of my homegirl Ari =), shorty had extra tickets to Jimmy's Hip-Hop Monologues. And guess who she wanted to come along! ;). So, the bestie and I took advantage and went. I mean, it was kinda like a lil random birthday present to me. Although, I like Jim, I wasn't always interested in seeing this shit. I heard good reviews about it but I was like, "Ehhh, Good for him". But guys, THIS SHIT IS TYPE NICE!! Like, there was a LIVE band playing his songs. Every girl in that shit had a bubble booty. Jimmy acting was type cute. It had a message behind it. It made you wna keep watching, which is alll good. & last but not least, I got a picture with him. =P. So, not only was it a kinda cool random bday gift, my bday weekend wasn't over at THAT! But that's another blog. I'm just here to give you the word that Jim Jones Hip-Hop Monologues = 2 THUMBS UP!

Look up Jimmy, say CHEESE!

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