Tuesday, March 31, 2009

She Said She Wasn't A Model...

Well, I wasn't lying but hey, shit happens. If you didn't realize, that's your truly, Ren Jones. Anywhoo, this is actually my 2nd photoshoot, which I enjoyed because my homeboy, Slinky, was the photographer (for his Facebook, click his name or look up Ryle AKA SLinky). I really wasn't into the photoshoot thing at first. I don't even like modeling but Slink insisted, and I shocked myself, cuz these thangs came out HAWT!! I took em at Keith Major Photography Studio. Keith Major is actually my homeboy's boss. His website is keithmajor.com, which is DUMB HOT! GO LOOK! He's also gna be on THIS WEEK'S episode of America's Next Top Model as the photographer & guest judge, which airs April 1 @ 8 PM. These are just some. You might see a new banner soon. =]. ALL of these were edited by Slinky.
Hope you like!


  1. fuckin fagglemuffin! i told you you should model you gorgeous bastard!.... LOVE YOUZZZZZ!! :P LOL