Saturday, March 21, 2009

Where's Your Latex?

Let's be real. Question yourself. Who's NOT having sex? Who's a virgin these days? It's kinda hard to answer these questions unless your a nun.. I would even second guess them. Basically, EVERYONE is fucking. Why? Cause sex is marvelous! It's a stress reliever. You can get some good exercise. It's a good conversation starter. It sells. Even though some people front, they think about sex as much as the next person. Sex is one thing that most humans have in common. However, some people get too carried away. We all know what happens in the heat of the moment. One thing leads to another, you get all hot & bothered, blah blah blah. Yea, some of us forget to put a raincoat on. NOT COOL!!! Some of us end up w. a living mistake/a child or with a deteriorating dick or vaj. Some of us don't know we're walking around with a nasty genitial. Hey, it happens but if you don't want it to EVER happen, WRAP IT THE FUCK UP!!! Yes, I know it's hard when you see a guy or a girl that you wna fuck in the next 5 minutes. But you would feel so much better once you tear that condom wrapper with your teeth and roll it on down that johnson. I also understand when your in a relationship for a hot minute, and condoms are like unnecessary BUTTTTTTTTTT make sure yall go to the clinic or something. It can even be an afternoon date, and you guys can go together. There's nothing wrong with a clinic visit. there's something wrong when someone is frontin' on going. Needless to mention, we don't know who's on the downlow ladies. HIV/AIDS is not cute. And LADIES, don't be afraid to go to the corner store and buying condoms. So what if you get looked at? That person is weird for looking at you like that like you NOT suppose to purchase condoms. The nerve. So, do yourself a favor. Get tested. Use a condom. =D