Friday, March 13, 2009

Baby Mama Drama Smh...

So, yeah here's the deal: I could careless about this 50 Cent/Rick Ross beef. One is an old correctional officer & one is washed up. However, this vid made my jaw drop. I guess this is Ricky's other baby momz but word on the street is that he dipped on shorty once he found out she was doing porn. Yeaaaaaaa Yeaaaaaaaaa Yeaaaaaaaaa. Now that 50 -I MEAN- Pimpin Curly got his hands on an old porn scene, he went wild crazy with it. It's kinda gross, it doesnt show much, but it shows enough! & shorty got a double R tatted in the middle of her chest. Hope it stands for Real Retarded. I'M DONE!

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