Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Who Is Eva Simons?

I'm not even sure who Eva Simons is, but she sure does look interesting (and familiar). Well, Eva is a Dutch singer who is best known for winning the Dutch version of Popstars where she was apart of the short-lived girlband, Raffish. She is now on her solo ish, and her song "Silly Boy" has gotten a lot of attention. Now, the name of the song definitely sounded familiar to me because a while back that song was supposedly from Rihanna featuring Lady Gaga. However, I knew it was them, totally didn't even sound like it.

So, not only did people think she sounded like Rihanna and Lady Gaga, but they think she is definitely ripping off their look or (lack of a better word) "swag". I mean I can see why they think that. The edgy look, daring personality, I get that. But you ever wondered why Riri went from a Good Girl Gone Bad? Or where she could have gotten her style from? *cough* (Fefe Dobson) *coughs*. But anyway, I don't think Eva stole anything but some people's attention. Give her some time to shine. I'm gonna keep an eye out for this lady.

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