Thursday, September 3, 2009

Cutie of the Day:

Just like my Hunk of the Day, I thought I lost ideas or ran outta hot people to put up. I found my Hunk last month but I was still trying figure out who would be my candidate for Cutie of the Day. Somehow, Sanaa Lathan popped in my head, and I was too hype! Back in the day, when Love & Basketball first came out, every guy went gaga over her, they still do to this day. I'm like "What is the big deal over this girl? She's IIGHT!". However, now that I'm older, I appreciate the natural beauties much more. She is gorgeous but in the same sense, she looks like she can be my next door neighbor. I LOVE that look. She's one of the many few black actresses that gets recognized so she gets even more props! Shoutouts to my natural beauty!

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