Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Talk Show Ish...

About some week ago, I peeped a pic of Bow Wow kissing Tyra Banks on her talk show. I was kinda hype because I knew that's what he kinda wanted, he totally has a crush on Tyra LOL! Then I was jealous because I wish I was Tyra :(. I was wondering how this came about. Well, here's the vid. Tyra is sucha clown. Check it out.

Then this lovely man named Trey Songz was on The Wendy Williams Show this morning. This is the 1st time I actually watched her tranny self without falling asleep. He performed his single, "I Need A Girl" then explained the tattoo on his chest (which I already knew the meaning =P). He looked so cute and adorable! I definitely screamed like I was there.

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