Thursday, April 16, 2009

We Love To See You Smile!

Here's Chris Brown looking happy & smiling while shopping in Cali. He looks scrumptious! Below is a picture he took with someone's baby. Reminds me of something a president would do, but cute nonetheless. I'm glad to see him looking like NORMAL Chris. I miss hearing him on the radio & seeing him on TV. Gosh darn, it's like he disappeared =/. He's due back in court April 29.


  1. everytime i hear him on the radio, i get mad hype and stop everything I'm doing just to listen and sing along with him, like i used to the first time he came around and I was madly a dream about him lastnight gonna blog about

  2. i am glad to be seeing him out and about now.
    i will be glad when all this shit is over and he can go back to doin him, yanno?