Friday, April 24, 2009

All in Your Ear...

Where the hell did this guy go? Seem like he got acquitted and just dipped! You wud think he'd be beasting on tracks since her got that off his back. Well anyway, I heard this new song by R. Kelly called "Take It To The Hotel". I don't think it's finished cuz it only has one verse and the chorus jus plays on but I LIKE IT SO FAR! Just thought you guys would take a listen, too. Check it!

MY TWO FAVORITE PEOPLE IN THE RAP GAME RIGHT NOW!! Drake is DEADASS blowing up right now & who DON'T know who Nicki Minaj is? Anyways, I was tweeting yesterday (, my shit was poppin off and I kept seeing everyone tweeting about the "Best I Ever Had (Remix)" with Nicki on it. You know I had to get up on that. As much as i'm tired of the song itself cuz everyone wanna hop on Drake mad hard, I got a new found love for it now cuz Nicki put the female input so lovely. Go listen. Also, my shorty got a new mixtape out, Beam Me Up, Scotty. You should go cop that!

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