Sunday, April 12, 2009

All in Your Ear...

So, this is like my lil new music section. It might be either what's hot right now, or BRAND SPANKIN NEW (to me, at least).

You might not recognize this cat but i'm SURE you heard him already. He's been all over the radio & you prolly downloaded his song. His name is Jeremih and his hot new song "Birthday Sex" is all over the place. If it's your birthday and someone is playing this song for you, just know you are NOT getting cake LOL! I don't know much about this kid except that he's from Chicago. He does have a myspace under his name so you can check that out if you're really interested in the kid. And for those who HAVEN'T heard his song yet, here it is:

Asher Roth is everyone's NEW favorite white boy now. His rhymes are so cute & witty (in man language, MAD HOT!) and "I Love College" was very catchy and kids across America could relate to those special college moments. So, with all this the comparisons to Eminem was bound to come at him. I must admit, his voice is wayy too similar to Em's, kinda freaked me out. But I guess that can be kinda annoying to him, being that he's the new kid, which brings me to one of his songs off his debut album (Asleep in the Bread Aisle, April 20th) called "As I Em". I'm not gonna tell you what the song is about. You should just tell by the title but go take a listen, I like it!

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