Thursday, May 28, 2009

Chrissy Monster?...

Sighs. How I have missed Chris Brown and his Doublemint commercials. =/. I've been thinking bout dude lately, since I've always see him at the NBA games. I've also been thinking about him after that video of Charles Hamilton getting mollywopped by his ex-girl. Homegirl apologized and everything and it's all fine. Meanwhile, people are giving Chris about (what I truely think it was) a HUGE mistake. Can we say DOUBLE STANDARD? No offense to Rihanna but how we know she wasn't all in his face and ODing in the whip? Most guys don't like that shit. But whatever, I wasn't there. I really don't think he's a new Ike Turner. Ever wondered what happened in his household BEFORE he was "Chris Brown"? Anyway, enough with the serious stuff. Chris himself said he got a new album coming out called Graffiti, been heard that since last year but I guess it was put on hold. New music and everything coming so yayy! Can't wait. Here's a vid he recently made.

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  1. oh em gee, i been dying for graffiti, it has glow in the dark on it, ughhhhh that song makes me wanna have sex