Wednesday, May 20, 2009


The mid-90s was an epic year for hip-hop, especially on the east coast. We were definitely running shit back in the day. In my opinion, one of the top leaders was the inevitable LL Cool J. Yall might think he's quite lame now, but the guy has had a longer career in hip-hop than, sadly, MOST rappers. You gotta respect him for keepin up for so long. Anyway, I was six when this came out but for a six year old, I knew all the provocative songs on the low. LL Cool J's "Doin It" was one of them. It remains one o my favorite songs by him. It's soooooooo 90s, so mid-90s NY, I love it so much! The beat, the concept I appreciate more now that i'm older ;). And he definitely looked fine as hell in this video. Hope yall love this son as much as I do.

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