Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Hoe Into A Housewife?.. Ehh..

=(. So, I heard the fab couple, Kanye West & Amber Rose, are finito. Matter fact, word is they been done for a lil bit. Why you may ask? Well, supposedly while Kanye was hard at work, you know making beats for Jay-Z, Rihanna and things of that matter, shorty was tryna sneak out with another rapper, Cassidy (downgrade ma). Plus, to add insult to injury, since the world has known her name, pics of her "old" lesbian ways and maybe current bi-sexual ways wasn't not helping her. So, once Kanye heard that she was downgrading, he dipped. These two were hawt together, I mos def loved them together but maybe Yeezy needs a classier chick. And Cassidy, Amber? Out of all people. She's denying it but I don't think Kanye would've dead those cheeks for no GOOD reason.

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