Saturday, May 16, 2009

So Much Swag...

I really hate the word SWAG, but i'll let it pass this one time or maybe just for these guys. Here's the video to Ocean's 7 "So Much Swagg" featuring Bow Wow. I really like these guys! Not only are they funny but they are like TALENTED! I've did like 3 posts about them, now it's your turn to do your research on them. You can visit, which is JD's blog site. Anyway, I LOVE the video. Kinda shocked me with the almost nakey girl but what should I expect from these guys? Everyone looks great especially my dream guy =). Yea, I like the vid, its cool. Tell me what you guys think.


  1. hearing bow wow cuss and say "nigga" rubs me the wrong way,lol
    he's still a little kid in my eyes
    but other then that i loved it!

  2. i love this, idk how they gonna work around the naked girl on BET tho.