Thursday, May 28, 2009


First new video issssssssssss (drumroll)... The-Dream featuring Kanye West "Walking On The Moon". At first, I wasn't too fond of this song but I guess it grew on me. The video is cool, real space-like, like it should be since niggas wanna walk on the moon. The girls in the vid, look lost but whatever, it's cool. The-Dream know damn well he can't see thru those glasses but whatever rocks his boat. Kanye really made this video for me.. and the song. Anyways, badabing-badaboom, here it is:

Next video is also featuring The-Dream but the headliner is Fabolous with "Throw It In The Bag". Now, I kinda like this song. Fabolous never disappoints. However, the video is kinda confusing. Like, shorty is stealing stuff or what? I thought this was a song of "HEY! THROW IT IN THE BAG! WE DON'T LOOK AT PRICE TAGS!". But hey, whatever its cool. FYI: The main shorty in the video, Claudia Jordan, is most def pushing 40. OWWW! Take a look guys!

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  1. looks like she was stealin' shit, they caught her & fab rescued her when she got out, lmao.

    lmfao @ his face @ 2:39!