Thursday, May 21, 2009


SAY IT AINT SO! Welp, it is. The best black show on TV since Girlfriends is cancelled. SMT! The nerve of CW. Not only did they cancel The Game, but they definitely cancelled Everybody Hates Chris. Wassup with gettin rid of all the black show CW? I guess America's Next Top Model is black enough. Man, you guys don't know how mad I am about this. This was DEADASS a good ass show. Even niggas watched it. If a nigga tuned in to a season finale like its the finals in NBA, then YOU KNOW its good. I mean, we don't know what's gonna happen to Rick Fox & Tasha, are Kelly & Jason gonna be together?? Sucha rassclot cliffhanger. Well, RIP The Game, at least Melanie & Derwin got married =).

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