Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Game Over?... Or Is It...

WERE YOU WATCHING The Game's SEASON FINALE? Or are you living under the rock? You HAD to be doing either or. I didn't know so many people watched this show until I went on Twitter LMAO! This is one of the best shows, if not, THE BEST show that isn't a reality show on TV right now. The season finale was juicy as hell! If you didn't see it, I don't wna spill the beans. Now, the big question is will The Game come back for season 4? Or is The Game... well, over? I hope that wasn't the end. I honestly think the number of people that tunes in was up there. Also, word on the street is that it ISN'T cancelled, you just gotta blow up the message boards. We'll see what happens (*crosses fingers*).

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