Thursday, May 21, 2009

Break-Ups & Drake-Ups...

Well, as all of you know, one of the coolest couples are getting a divorce but from what I hear it's gettin kinda dirty on those divorce grounds from Nas & Kelis.

"Nas, one of the biggest and richest rappers around, does not want to pay his estranged, pregnant wife Kelis, a penny in spousal support.

Kelis filed for divorce April 30. She’s weeks from giving birth and unable to work, but no matter to Nas — he’s filed his response to the divorce, asking the judge to deny her the spousal support she’s seeking. For bad measure, he also wants her to pay her own lawyer’s fees.

Nas and Kelis both want joint custody of their unborn child.

Kelis cites “irreconcilable differences” for the divorce, but we’re told she believes he was cheating on her and that’s what buzz-killed the marriage."

=/ See? Im saying tho. Why does Nas have to pay for shorty's legal fees AND spousal support? Why wasn't she tryna get her paper up this whole time they were married? I don't get why she wasn't making her gwap but whatever. This is gonna end ugly.

(Laughs) I've been hearing about this rumor all day. Supposedly, one of the biggest pop stars in the world, Rihanna, and the biggest buzz in hip-hop right now, Drake, got a thaaaang goin onnn. She was drinking whiskey and apple juice and making out with him all night, says a spy. They were really cute together. HA! Idk, bout this one guys. I mean, it's a good look for both, Riri gets him more exposure than he's gettin right now (which is already huge), and Drake washes the career bruises Chris Brown left on her. I guess it works all out right? But I wanna see some HARDCORE proof. I didn't believe Rihanna & Chris till I seen em in KFC. So, maybe these two should go to Popeye's. I ain't believin the hype until further notice.

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