Sunday, May 31, 2009

Good & Bad Hair...

I'm kind of a big Spike Lee fan. So, I think I've seen all his movies. Couple weeks back, I posted something about the difference of good & bad hair that aired on The Tyra Show (click here to check that out), which brought me to this scene of the movie, School Daze. The whole scene explains itself. Good hair vs. bad hair, lightskin vs. darkskin, the basic shit that most women hate another bitch for, which is sad. I personally don't care for it. My besties are BOTH darkskin AND lightskin. If you're pretty, you're pretty. Just cause you're lightskin doesn't make you AUTOMATICALLY pretty. And I HATE the saying "You're pretty for a darkskin girl". Like chocolate chicas can't be pretty unless they're a certain complexion? Some girls (and most guys) minds are messed up but hey, that's life. Anyway, enough of me rambling on. Watch the vid.

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