Thursday, May 7, 2009

The Ocean with Deep Waves...

Now, if i wasn't following JD's blog (, I would be so out the loop with this. This just swept under my nose but don't worry, Ren is always on it. So, yeah I know about the Ocean 007, consisting of JD, B. Cox, Johnta Austin & some other guy [LOL!] Then I guess the dream guy name Trey Songz came along & I guess it became Ocean 00711. Idk if this is all right, you can do your own reasearch but I'm really feeling this song by Ocean 00711 & Bow Wow "So Much Swag". I posted a video awhile ago of these guys in the studio having fun with this song. And i'm very hype I have the whole song. So, takw a listen and tell me what you think. =]

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