Tuesday, August 11, 2009

All in Your Ear...

Tank is one of my favorite male R&B artists. He's written for so many singers and his voice is real soulful (Ren = soulful person). His last album, Sex, Love & Pain, was a GREAT album. Unfortunately, most people sleep on this guy. However, I'm here for you to not make that mistake. I got two songs from this hot stud. The first one I have for you guys is "Make Up Sex". I like this song because of the live instruments used. I rather that then some buttons you press. And the subject of the matter is something everyone can relate to. The next one is "Mexico". A nice lil slow jam, I don't think it's a positive one but I just love how his voice rides the beat. Both of these songs are candidates to get major play on my iTunes. So, check them out.

Everyone has been patiently waiting for Trey Songz 3rd album, Ready, to drop. It was pushed back from August 4th to September 1st, which made me even more anxious. The latest song I have from Trey is one called "One Love". I really like it. I think it sounds kinda different from the regular him but I'm not surprised how good the song sounds. It could be album material! Who knows! Hope nothing leaks (probably will). Take a listen!

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