Sunday, August 9, 2009

Teyana's Married to the Mob...

When you see "celebs" on these social networks, they're either showing off the ignorant shit they bought, having a breakdown, or just acting like a damn fool. Not often you see some of them use their shit to possibly get MONEY.

As you see here, Teyana Taylor is featured in the new online campaign for Married To The Mob. Ironically, she has been wearing MOB's clothing in her live ustream sessions and seen wearing them in her twitpics. I guess they saw her free promo and decided to make her the new face of their brand. SMART! Might I add, these pics are mucho hot. If she doesn't make it singing/rapping or whatever she does, her modela looks wont hurt one bit!

1 comment:

  1. some people have to be on ustream manditory. (from the label). Soulja Boy and Bow Wow have to clock in certain amount of minutes a day.