Friday, August 21, 2009

Hunk of the Day...

The delay has been overdue but I finally got my Hunk of the Day. Omarion, Omarion, Omarion! We first seen this yummy man when he came on the scene with B2K. Every black preteen AND teen went CRAZZZZZZY over them. Although he wasn't my favorite, he was still a cute kid. The band broke up, and we all knew who was gonna go solo. He pulled a Beyonce and did his own thing with his first solo album titled O. He DEFINITELY was my favorite from then. Over the years, he's made a couple more albums, laid low, cut the hair AND signed to Young Money (then he asked to be released, wasn't dropped). So, be looking out for Mr. Grandberry very soon.

So, enough with the resume, time to talk about how fiiiine I think this kid is. I must admit, when he first cut his hair, I asked God why because his head was sucha eggplant shape. But I guess look grew on me, and I cant knock him for gettin' his grown man on. His face can be one of a cute kid, then funny guy, then right to sexytime *Borat voice*. The body, the tats, ugh, type orgasmic. Slam me for thinking this short guy is cute but remember, you typed in the URL =). Enjoy Ladiesss!

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  1. second pic from the top and last one....

    YESSSS! please.