Wednesday, August 26, 2009


So, as the summer is ending, we as young people always look back at how our summer went. Most people I know say that this is the worst summer they've had. I must admit, this summer wasn't as poppin as I expected. However, being the positive person I am =), I always manage to have fun with whatever I'm doing. So, my summer wasn't too shabby!

My Throwback Video's were Summer-Jam themed. They were the songs that stuck out to me during my lovely summers. Since this is my last one, I decided to end it off with the ultimate classic summer jam. It's The Fresh Prince & DJ Jazzy Jeff with "Summertime". You can't help but feel good about summer, or look forward to summer when you hear this song. So, as we say goodbye to the mediocre summer, let's just bask in this song, shall we?

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