Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Relations 101: Angry Over Vagina

Back in the day (high school), most girls were very quick to deny sex, or let a guy make those moves that they knew was gonna to a place that they didn't want it to go to. I know I always did. Guys call it "frontin'" but that's another topic. So, yeah, when us girls did that, these HS boys would get mad. I kinda understood why they did at my age. You're young, you wanna fuck everything in sight including me, and when you don't get what you want, your young self throws a tantrum. Understandable. However, I was shocked that now that I'm 20 years old of age, these guys that are older than me still behave in this 14 year old manner. Smh.

I didn't expect that behavior anymore because I thought when a girl doesn't give it up so easy, the guy would be more interested. Hell, he should be happy as hell, like "Damn, I like her more already! I aint get no pums!". I guess that's STILL not the case with some guys these days. On my part, I think a girl doesn't WANT to give it up, especially so early in a relationship (well, really a relations situation, or if you guys are just talking) because she actually LIKES the guy. Idk why this is blasphemy to guys. Trust me fellas, if she's attracted to you, she has thought about boning your brains out. That doesn't mean we're gonna act upon it immediately.

Maybe homegirl isn't ready to take it to that level yet, trying to save this little thing you guys have going on. You know how girls get when they have sex when someone they genuinely like. It really baffles me how guys get so mad when a girl doesn't have sex with them. Either they're really angry, or their hormones are. Either way, you should respect that girl's decision. Be mature about it. Yes, she might be teasing you and all this nonsense but most girls (unlike most guys) know how to shove all their hormones out the window when they don't feel like their actions is the right actions. Believe me guys, its way more than just trying to tease a guy, and all that. Because we are emotional creatures, we have to think way ahead of what's gonna happen after we decide to bone you. So, next time you think she's playing games, she can really be saving you a whole lot of trouble.

Until next time me loves, class dismissed.

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  1. So on point! I love this.

    Don't give up or give in!! Real men will show face soon.

    The dudes who get mad are the dudes who are just looking to fuck, they have NO plans on relationship, dating or anything else long term. Simply just want some and that's it. A real mad WILL & DOES appreciate a women who don't open her legs the first 10 mins they are together!! TRUST!