Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Best of Both Worlds 09?

If it isn't enough that Trey Songz has been compared to his idol R. Kelly, and people calling Drake the new generation Jay-Z, it was only a matter of time untl the two friends contemplated on a joint album. I mean, why not? Their collabo's are always good. This is what Trey told about their friendship:

That’s my homie, man. Making music with him is like two kids getting together to play basketball. It’s gon’ happen, we have fun making music and our working relationship has furthered into a friendship.

About making an album together:
We’ll have to see. That’s crazy. We always talked about that when we first got on. We enjoy making music and we sit back and laugh about a lot of things—life. Look forward to seeing more music from us. I think we’ll make music together as long as we’re both making music.

Trey & Drake have been friends for four years, way before anyone knew who the hell Drake even was. If you go back to Trey's "Wonder Woman" video, Drizzy got a 1.5 second cameo. The two also had a handful of mixtape songs together and new material for Drake's upcoming debut album, Thank Me Later. However, this joint album is just a mere thought. So for the time being, Trey plans to release a video for his next single "I Invented Sex" featuring his longtime friend. Ahhh, aren't they the cutest?

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