Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Relations 101: Can We Be Just Friends?

It's that time again folks and a topic that I've been thinking about a lot is can a man and a woman really just be FRIENDS? No type of attraction, no previous sexual relation of any kind, just really be friends. My thoughts on this is kinda scattered. Let's go in, shall we?

Ever since high school, I've gotten along with the opposite sex better than with females, still this way till this day. So, I had a lot of guy friends. It wasn't till last year when I was talking to someone (a guy) and they told me that a guy and a girl can never be friends without at least some kind of attraction of some sort. I disagreed right away because I had plenty male friends that were just that, friends! This specific person had not one female he could honestly call just a friend, just for this simple fact he fucked or had something with every female he knew.

It hasn't been till recently that I have been second guessing my "just friends" theory. I'm not saying ALL guys are like this, but some do play the friend role to ease their way in. So if whatever guy that their "homegirl" is seeing and he fucks up, they can be that shoulder she can lean on, or fuck. But then again, that would involve her talking about her problems and most guys don't wanna hear that.

I myself have quite a few men I call FRIENDS but they are more like brothers to me. They look out for my best interest, give me friendly lectures sometimes, everything that my real blood brother would do. Sometimes girls fling the word FRIEND around too easily, and don't know the difference when a guy wants to be a friend or wants to be "friendly". This also brings me to the movie Brown Sugar. Even tho its just a movie, does the buddy & the booty mix really work at the end of the day? A topic like this can go on forever I think but here's my conclusion.

I DO think males & females can be friends. Sometimes, you realize that you can be friends after your relations with the person. Sometimes, they can be our extended family, a sibling we never had. And sometimes, when you find that friend quality in that person, an attraction may occur. We can't help that. But I think it's possible. =)

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