Sunday, July 12, 2009

All in Your Ear...

Beyonce has a whole bunch of unreleased tracks. I can see why because most doesn't mesh well with any album that came out previously. What I have on my hands is "Ice Cream Truck". The song is cute. Not your usually B, I think this was pre-Sasha Fierce but I dig it. I usually like a beat of a song but I like the analogy that Beyonce uses, her failed lover being like an ice cream truck and she's tired of chasing him. It's cute! Maybe because I literally still chase the ice cream truck till this day. However, I know most ladies can relate to this. Take a listen!

Drake is mainly known for his rapping skills nowadays, and kinda for his singing too. I like his voice in general but his tone and smoothness in his singing voice is like butter. Like he can say anything, and it'll be OK. Some supposed tracks that suppose to be on Drake's debut album has leaked onto the net. One of them is a "snippet" (I guess) is called "Stunt On You". The title itself makes me laugh. I wondered what he could possibly say in the short one minute sample. Basically, he shits on a ex-lover that deaded him. Now, don't we all love that feeling on stunting on a nigga/bitch that was stupid enough to let us go? Oh yes! Check the songdizzle!

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