Thursday, July 9, 2009


Ahhhh, it feels like summer is finally here in NY! I've really been pondering on what song was poppin during the summer. I always try to think back from year to year, because I always remember when & where I was the moment I digg a song. 2003, shall we?

Pharrell's "Frontin'" featuring Jay-Z was sucha Summer banger. It was cute, smooth, light, catchy, had that summer feel to it. A great song to cruise to in your car. Skateboard's P falsetto voice was so pleasing to the ear, long before The-Dream came about. Hov's verse was a cool one that everyone still knows the words to perfectly. When the video came out, my eyes went googley for Pharrell when he took of that shirt. Not a typical built bod, but it was still hawt. Plus, that's when all men of the world first laid their eyes on then unknown, Lauren London. Always thought she was a cutie. This song can never get old. Good ol tune!

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